Sunday, July 31, 2011

Treasure Stones

The parenting Centre, where we frequent, has this activity at times.
It's an altered playdoh with an added bonus. It takes a few days and you get 2 activity times from it!
Here's the recipe:

1 cup flour
1 cup used coffee grounds
1/22 cup salt
1/4 cup sand
3/4 cup water
Mix dry and slowly add water. Knead mixture. Cover little bits and bobs so it's in a ball. Let dry 2-3 days or bake in oven at 150 degrees 15-20 minutes. Let me say, that the baking in the oven takes much longer than that. it's not worth it. let it dry for a few days. Put it on a baker's rack to let the air flow underneath too and turn them over now and again.

Choose your treasures. these are mostly bugs. it was what was close to me in a cup. i didn't feel like getting adventurous and looking for things. there were no complaints.

Here they after more than a few days. i kept the activity until a friend visited.

Actually, a different friend was here for the making of them. She took some home with her.

The various digging implements that you saw from the ice treasures.

And a reward! The doh is still a bit soft in the middle, so it's not so difficult to get out.

There you have it.

Next time, a post about some more clothes I made for the doll. A beauteous red velvet and grey linen dress. All fancy and with a cape too! i got a tremendous amount of time to sew yesterday. Ahhh.... so nice.

have a good one,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

mini Toadstool goodness

Last Saturday, Neve and I had a girly day. We went to Michael's and then to First Markham place. It's a chinese mall in Markham. I knew of it b/c I've strolled through the mall on many a Christmas' past in my caroling costume, spreading cheer to all who hear.
Anyhow, we had a good time looking for the good stores. the ones with the little Chinese and Japanese minis.
I couldn't resist buying this....

It came from this box.

It's like a surprise bag. You don't know what you're getting.

How cute is this stuff?

I'm so in love with these toothbrushes and holder!

And the little rug and the slippers.

I know, the gnomes don't have any feet. you just can see them they are under the robes!

have a good one,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She's done! I think...

I'm so excited! I finished her hair tonight.

I so love her and can't wait to see my daughter's reaction. I'll be sure to document it. I don't think she's ever wanted something more.

I'm 2 weeks early for her birthday. I'm hoping to make a few more outfits and matching dresses for them. ooooo... soooo excited!

I'll put up some photos of each layer of hair that I sewed in another post.

Thanks to Gillian at ashtabeulahfor making the doll. I just finished her off.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

doll face of the Waldorf kind

I got to start the doll face on Friday. Here she is in her birthday suit.

Here is the hair I finally decided on. i love it. Mohair boucle and hand dyed. Gives it great colours and depth. Wool by FibreArtists.

When you put all that hair on, it makes for a very huge head of hair. And curly, just like my daughter's.

Was told, to put the pins in place for the eyes,

then trace. I realized they were not straight, so I took them out, traced it again and thus began the 1 hour attempt to sew symmetrical eyes...

Here was the 1st batch. Wasn't liking the shape they turned out. So i ripped it out.

Here's the 2nd set. It's not symmetrical at all, but they are going to stay. I only had so much time and I'm so done with the eyes.Then there was the mouth. not so easy either.

There you have it, her face. i may just put in a little mole like she has, but may do it with some eye liner. we'll see.
Here's where I entered the head to hide the knots. A long needle was in order for this.

And the spot where the lips went in.

I started sewing the 1st layer of hair today. Man, these dolls do take a lot of time. I understand now why they cost so much! But much pleasure from it. I'm sure she will be in love.

Friday, July 22, 2011


At Munchkin camp this week, Neve made a papier mache volcano. They made it erupt in class and they got to bring it home. So of course, we had to try it here too!

1 cup of baking soda

1/2 cup of warm water with some dishwashing liquid in it. Don't forget the dish liquid. we did the first time. It helps to slow down the eruption. Mix the baking soda and water together.

1/2 cup of vinegar. you can add food colouring to it.




and if you really want to drag it out, just pour a bit at a time.

it was a fun little project. I think i just may have to get some coca cola and mentos though!


felt/vinyl pouch

here's a little pouch I modeled after something Neve had. It wasn't as easy as i thought it would be, but I'm sure the next one would be easier, should I choose to make them again.

Bit of felt and a bit of vinyl. I like to sew with vinyl. now that I know the secret of putting tissue paper over it before sewing. yep, it's that easy. A little harder to see when cutting it though. :}

The butterfly was cut out from Quickutz die and sewn on before I sewed the pouch together.

And now some other chit chat....
I spent 2 days going around town to find mohair boucle. I found some hand dyed by FibreArtists at Romni Wools. That place is amazing. I also found some crochet thread that I've been looking for forever. The wool is beautiful for doll hair. I went to my friend's place and she kindly and excitedly sewed it up for me. With the shoulder busted, I'm useless!. Anyhow, it looks just beautiful. I can't wait to see what it looks like all sewed up and the face on. So that's what I'm going to do......
I'll take pictures!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ice Treasures

A few years ago, I showed this ice treasure activity here (she looks so small)
During a heat wave like we are going through right now, it's a perfect activity to cool off. Ice treasures...

During the year, I collect bits and bobs with this activity in mind. little picks, brushes, eye droppers.

I also take little things like kinder egg toys, beads, pom poms, buttons, marbles, figurines, you name it and put it in a container for summer. Put them in water in a plastic container and freeze.
It's neat to see them try different methods to try and get them out. Try to have a mixture of floating things, sinking things, larger sizes that they'll have to work at and easier things like buttons and foamies to pick off easily.

I make sure I make up a few extra for when friends come over.

Back to sit in front of the air conditioner.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

waldorf doll clothes

Recently, I ordered and received a Waldorf doll from Gillian at Ashtabeulah
Let me say that her customer service is excellent. She worked with me during the Canada Postal strike and kept tabs on the news when they went back to work. She had it sent in the mail before I could even tell her to send it. I love the doll, the consistent stitching, the way she stuffed it and the nose. loving the nose.
A little hesitant about finishing the doll, I made some clothes instead.
The patterns are from the vintage doll clothes patterns from my friend's grandmother. I've made the capeand doll carrier already.
Here are some flannel PJs.

It matches the eye mask I made for Neve last year. it's too small, but we discovered it the other day and it should fit her doll.

Here is the doll dress. Same pattern for all three tops, just the length is adjusted.

The bottoms were supposed to be bloomers with elastic legs, but I sewed them up before reading the "add the elastic before sewing the leg seams" part. So now they are bike shorts.

My favorite is this yellow orange suit.

A bit of gold bling to fancy it up.

Much fun sewing these. i bought a new pattern with a fancy dress and pjs and bathrobe. Maybe I'll get to sew them up if I get my husband to cut it out. I don't think i can do that yet with the arm in the sling.
I've been around my hood trying to find mohair boucle, I'll have to go down town. yikes!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

mushroom pouch

Here's a pouch to house all those mushrooms...

I'm cheating here a little.. i just put the toadstool fabric on top.

I think a smaller size will be suitable for the mushroom match up game.

?this week, we met up with a friend and her dogs. found the perfect clearing for a picnic.

and the walk back.

the kids had fun picking cucumbers. it's bigger than her head and she ate the whole thing!

Himself can always be found watering or eating the produce.

Yesterday, I went on a sewing rampage and sewed up 3 outfits for a new Waldorf doll I bought for Neve's bday. more on that next post. I'm glad I did it, as I dislocated my shoulder this evening and had to go to hospital to get it put back in. It's an old injury from high school, but the last time it came out was 7 years ago. yep, it still hurts when it happens. It only came half way out, so it was awkwardly parallel to the ground. my left arm is hurting from holding up the right. yes, the right. I'm right handed. But I can still hand sew with my arm close to my side. The kids are going to day camp so I should be able to rest a few hours a day. wish me luck.