Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She's done! I think...

I'm so excited! I finished her hair tonight.

I so love her and can't wait to see my daughter's reaction. I'll be sure to document it. I don't think she's ever wanted something more.

I'm 2 weeks early for her birthday. I'm hoping to make a few more outfits and matching dresses for them. ooooo... soooo excited!

I'll put up some photos of each layer of hair that I sewed in another post.

Thanks to Gillian at ashtabeulahfor making the doll. I just finished her off.

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Anonymous said...

shes gorgeous! great work on the doll, i LOVE THE EYES. WOULD love to see a closeup.x

April's Homemaking said...

Wow, she turned out wonderfully!! Love her hair!! What a beautiful gift for your daughter!! ~April

Anonymous said...

Love it! How did you find patterns for doll clothes to fit? I too had one made and I would love to practice making clothes for her myself. She's 10 inches.

hands follow heart said...

She's beautiful! A waldorf doll is on my (long) list of things to do. I had never seen anyone selling the doll so you add the finishing touches. It's a brilliant idea. I've already favourited Gillian's shop on Etsy! Thanks for the tip!