Tuesday, July 19, 2011

waldorf doll clothes

Recently, I ordered and received a Waldorf doll from Gillian at Ashtabeulah
Let me say that her customer service is excellent. She worked with me during the Canada Postal strike and kept tabs on the news when they went back to work. She had it sent in the mail before I could even tell her to send it. I love the doll, the consistent stitching, the way she stuffed it and the nose. loving the nose.
A little hesitant about finishing the doll, I made some clothes instead.
The patterns are from the vintage doll clothes patterns from my friend's grandmother. I've made the capeand doll carrier already.
Here are some flannel PJs.

It matches the eye mask I made for Neve last year. it's too small, but we discovered it the other day and it should fit her doll.

Here is the doll dress. Same pattern for all three tops, just the length is adjusted.

The bottoms were supposed to be bloomers with elastic legs, but I sewed them up before reading the "add the elastic before sewing the leg seams" part. So now they are bike shorts.

My favorite is this yellow orange suit.

A bit of gold bling to fancy it up.

Much fun sewing these. i bought a new pattern with a fancy dress and pjs and bathrobe. Maybe I'll get to sew them up if I get my husband to cut it out. I don't think i can do that yet with the arm in the sling.
I've been around my hood trying to find mohair boucle, I'll have to go down town. yikes!


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Domestic Artisan said...

I love your clothes! I'm just about to finish a doll for my almost 1 year old, it's a soft body doll but I look forward to making one with limbs and then clothes also.

Forest-Dweller said...

Hey found you on Natural Suburbia
Love the dresses...have you thought of selling them? Would you like to barter for an outfit? Stop by and let me know. You can get my e-mail on my blog spot in the upper left hand corner.

With All That I Am
Carrie "Forrest-Dweller" Duvall
The Handmade Homemaker

Rachel~ At the Butterfly Ball said...

What cute clothes! I have made several Waldorf dolls for my daughter & sons, and friends of our family. I always find the hardest part (for me) is dressing them! I have such a tough time with making little clothes! Yours came out great! Good luck finishing her, I'm sure you'll do a great job.

Stephanie said...

So sweet!
Lucky for me (since I am no seamstress), mine prefers her dolly nekked! :)

April's Homemaking said...

Really enjoyed looking at all of these doll clothes- I love the yellow one. How fun!! ~April

julie said...

Awww, the yellow is my favorite, too! One of my New Year's Resolutions this year is to sew Waldorf dolls for my girlies. I need to get started on that before December!

softearthart said...

Beautiful clothes, cheers Marie