Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Placemat Bag

Yep, you read it correctly. This bag was made from 2 placemats.
 I think it's from Pier One Imports. From a few years ago.

Note the side stitching. I use a double needle. It's so cool. Double the stitching for half the work and you don't have to worry about getting the lines straight. You do need 2 spools of top thread though and only 1 bobbin thread.
Instead of sewing right sides together and turning right side out, I overlapped the edges and sewed it that way.

Here is some beautiful embroidery on the side. 
 I couldn't find a nice handle, so I sewed some ribbon on cotton strapping. It's sturdy and I love how the flowers somewhat match the flower in the embroidery.
 I sewed a pocket and attached it to the top of the bag.
This will be a Teacher Gift for one of the kid's  and I'm finishing the other tomorrow. It's a lemon place mat. Same idea. Different logo. And you know, I will show it to you.

Have a good one,

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cake Pop Maker

I splurged today, well, not monetary wise, but hey, I'm moving. Do I really need another gadget?
Here it is.... a cake pop maker! Canadian Tire.

 I made the recipe for Apple Cider Donut Hole.
This lot is too full!!!! It was pouring out the sides.
 And here is the last batch. Not bad.
 We dipped it in sugar and cinnamon. it's supposed to make about 36. I don't know how many it made. They kept eating them before I could count.
I'll try it again tomorrow with a (gasp) cake mix and try the toppings. If it works, I will maybe make some for the kids' last day of school.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

A new home and adventure

Within the past week and a bit, we sold our house, I sang 2 concerts, 2 church services, tended to children, arranged for a menagerie of childcare and hopped on a plane to find a new home. 
Here it is.... back in March. 
We looked at it then too. And decided to wait until we were closer to moving. Since then, most of the other properties in town had been bought up. There's a new load of people moving into town. New things are happening. new life in a small, historic fishing village in NS. Good things. Growing things. And we will be a part of it.
Dock Street Brewing Company

The house and the grounds are fabulous. I can't wait to add all the things that will make it our home. Our little bit of country in the town. It's only 2 houses away from an intersection, but boy, it feels and sounds like the country to me. The mosquitoes don't let you forget that. Oh, there are so many trees. So many varieties of trees. Shhhh, there's an oak tree outside the door. Acorns are growing already! How exciting.

I thought that when we moved, my blog would take on the form of renovating an old, magestic home. But that was not to be for us right now. Instead, we can move in in 3 weeks. WOW! Did I just say that? 3 weeks.

So, I'll be reporting of our new life. My new craft room!!!! No slanted roof. Tall bookshelves will be used!
I'm going to make a butterfly from Abby of While She Naps this week, if the humidity ever breaks. so I'll let you know.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

house tour

Welcome to my home.
Here's the front entrance.

 And to your left is the music room
 The living room taken from the kitchen, looking into the music room.
 Living room looking into the kitchen. it's an open concept plan.
 And the kitchen looking into the living room, We renovated this kitchen when we first moved in 10 years ago. Love that the stove is in the island, as when you're cooking, you can talk to guests instead of having your back to them.
Our 2nd floor.
And our spa-like bathroom! :} We had this done a few years after we moved in.
 The children's bedroom is a long, double room instead of 2 small rooms. It was this way when we moved in. So now they have a sleeping area with the bunk beds and a play area.
 Our master bedroom with a w/o to a balcony.
Here's the 3rd floor.
 Another picture of my sewing room.
 And a dull guest room. I love sleeping up here when it's raining. I can hear the rain on the roof.
 This foyer on the 3rd floor is my most favorite room. A feeling of calm.
 And this is why my house looks so clean and staged! Yep, we're moving!! Middle of July.
Come back later and I'll tell you more about it. We're accepting offers on Tuesday evening, so hopefully we'll have a sold sign on it by Thursday.

This house has watched is grow from a new couple, to newly weds, new parents and a young family. Many fun times and firsts in this house. We shall treasure it forever.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello everyone...
Well it's been a long 6-7 weeks, but I'm almost done! Just a few more days in a few more rooms and we can breathe a sigh of relief. This de-cluttering is big work. Here is a snap of my craft room. Void of personality. And colour. Just opportunities to form what I want.

 Yes, there is water on the third floor. How great is that?!!
 And here is the foyer outside the room. I love it! I always wanted a little sitting room up there. I carried my tea up there today while the kids played happily downstairs.  A little oasis.
Next week, I'm looking forward to getting my feet some attention and then an afternoon of sewing!!!! Oh Janice, (Janome) I've missed you so!

So stay tuned for some sewing. I need to make something special for a baby shower. And I have just the thing in mind. I may even have to go to a fabric store. It's been a while for that too.

Have a good one!