Saturday, January 30, 2010

from shorts to...

I went to Goodwill today on the hunt for something orange to make the lion. I was in the t-shirt sections, linens, vests.. nada. DD was bugging me to go to the kids section to look for a move (couldn't find any movies?!!wha?) but found this super shorts overalls. Well, I don't think I would put my kid in it, but it is made of wool and cashmere!!!! From some high end kid boutique in spain!? And only 99 cents. SCORE!

I'm picturing the body in yellow, head in orange and mane in all the colours, red included. I don't think I'll have any use for the bows though. ooo, maybe on the tail??

And here is another score... a banjolele. GASP!

I am impressed that it is real. Great heavy wood. I figured I would get some new strings and find a chord sheet on the internet. But DH had a look at it, restrung it, lifted the bridge and I found out it's tuned and played the same way as a ukelele. SOOO easy.

And the last good thing of the day...

DH was able to hook up the new heating radiator in the kitchen. We've been in this house for 8 years with no heater in the kitchen. Not that big a deal, as we are a small open concept main floor. But on days like today, a heater in the kitchen is oh so nice.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

a friend for Bella

I finished Lily last night. It's so fun to see them get a little personality when you embellish them...

So with her scarf and little rosette in her ear, she went on a luncheon date with Bella.

They enjoyed a little walk at the and and fed the ducks.

And went home for a little sleepover...

You can see Bella's page here

They will be separated soon as Lily goes to live with another little girl.

Now I must go think of lions for an order. An Orange lion...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rafael's Softee

I was visiting my usual blogs for some ideas for craft day. We've been a little lax on that since Christmas. With the bitter wind today, this is what we did..
Home made softees.

I followed the great tutorial on Valerie's blog

She has easy, fun, frugal ideas to share with the kids. Rafael loved it. especially the stuffing part. He was amazed at how long and how much stuffing it took. The front fabric is from a very huge Ikea curtain. I've been using it a lot and still have 1 and a half curtains. Love a great deal from repurposing.

Go take a look yerself and spend some time at Valerie's.

Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

red, red is the colour I see,

if you're wearing red then show it to me...
stand up turn all around
point to your colour and then sit down.
Sorry, song came to my head when I was writing the title. It's a kid's song....

So on to the red thing.
I was tagged by a fellow Newfie on her blog
with the crickets
and thought I would join in...

Here are 2 pieces of my favorite red fabric. I always see these prints with denim and some sort of white.

And a trip to the supermarket today brought these home and so many other yummies. Don't you just love coming home from a big shop after having empty cupboards? snack time all the time!

Hoping to make banana bread with these in them. hubby doesn't agree with chocolate in banana bread, so I'll have to make it myself.

this is a Christmas present we have been waiting to try. Alas, we are snowless. not a spec in my neighbourhood.

And as I said, here is my 2nd attempt at the previous Bella. I think i shall name her Lily, though the girl I'm giving it to may have other ideas.

So there ya go.. wanna join in on a little red to brighten the January blahs?

thanks for looking,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meet Bella....

Yesterday, I was thinking and breathing this little pup. I just couldn't wait for the kids to go to bed to work on her. I thought of the fabrics I had and what combo to use.... she consumed me.

I'm so glad she's finally done. Doesn't she have such personality?

Even when she's sleeping...

She was named by my daughter.

I was really surprised how small she was. And in true form, I can't wait until I can make another one, b/c now I know what I'm doing. I had to take the body apart and make it bigger to fit the arms and legs inside to sew it as suggested by the book. And a zipper foot would be a great help. I'm also going to machine sew the ears on before I sew the head together.

Yep, I'm in love... with a bella.

Oh, I got the pattern from the book "Sew me, Love me" DH got me for Christmas.. There are a few more in there that are starting to get my attention.

thanks for looking,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Everywhere Tote

Here is the Everywhere tote found in Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross...

I love this tote, It is HUGE! I made one prior to this for myself as a gym bag. I put my sewing machine in it to take to the shop. There were no bits sticking out. HUGE I tell ya, HUGE!
I'm having a little trouble with the side bindings. I'm not sure I like the way they tell you. I tried it differently the 2nd time and think the 3rd adaptation will work for me. (I hope)

Here is the matching wristlet I got from Two Peas in a Pod Designs

Another great thing about this Weekend Sewing book... the patterns are in it!! You need to trace them on tissue paper, but they are there! Instant gratification. A lot easier than having to enlarge the pattern on a photocopier. I'm trying to make the guest slippers too, but put them aside for the moment.

Here's the pair...

I think I'll put the odd strip of fabric on the 4th panel instead of the middle in the wristlet. Too symmetrical for me.
Fabric is from Ikea. Sadly, they don't have it here anymore. Can't wait for a new batch to come out... soon I hope....

thanks for looking,

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I found this great tutorial for wristlets from Trish on
Two Peas in a Pod Designs

There is a zipper! there is a zipper. My 1st zipper in 20 years! And now I've done 3! I read her tutorial a few times and got the courage to try it and fail. But I didn't. I did it! you can too!

And it was fun to make a little lining, nothing like the outside. I have a new tote bag to match this wristlet. It's from the Weekend Sewing book and it is huge!

So there you go, I'm a little addicted to these right now. I have a few more polka dot fabrics that I want to do. And a good way to get rid of some scraps you've been holding on to for too long!

Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

party hang over

Oh my, could I have a hangover from a kid's party? The 3 days of preparations (and that's with hubby coming home to the rescue to finish the cake and making the pasta flavour) taste testing e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. sugar overload and the excitement of the beloved day... I'm done in. And so are the kids. Good times.

here is a pic I just HAD to share. My friend Jenny is a photographer extraordinaire. Check out her blog

thanks girlfriend. I think I'm actually going to go to bed now. it's only 10pm! Oh my!

thanks for looking,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

felted mushrooms

howdy, been a busy few days and I can't wait for Friday!
I finally bit the bullet after a few months and bought some roving in Laval over the holidays and some felting needles a few days ago. I started with a mushroom. rafael wants a mushroom house akin to the tiny world house, but I decided to make it a felted mushroom. then Neve wanted one too....

Fun to work with and I want to make a few snowmen, a penguin that is in Martha Stewart Living and some other cute animal heads I found online.

oh, just a note, Michael's did not have any roving or felting materials.. dang.

And now a little personal stuff..

Today my boy turned 6! How much he has grown and how much he will grow.
I love that he is interested in so many things. He plays piano with 2 hands and treats us to his tinkering throughout the day. He wants to be a chef like his dad. (his dad is an engineer, but he's the one who cooks at home. I know, I lucked out eh?)
He is a budding scientist, sitting next to daddy with their experiments, playing with tools on daddy's bench to fix his cars, running, running, running, learning karate, skating and just being happy.
He has found his nurturing side with wee ones and now appreciates that his little sister is also a playmate. The games they have between each other are special indeed.
My sweet boy and his sense of humour. I look forward to watching you grow into whatever, whomever you choose to be.

Thanks for looking,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

placemat to bag magic

Here is a sneek peek of a set of place mats turned into a bag. I took pictures for a tutuorial. But that will come later....

Easy peasy and serves it's purpose.
I'm looking forward to spending my GC to Michael's today on some needle felting supplies. Do they have them? I hope so...

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

sewing books

here is my great haul on sewing books I got for christmas....

Some sewing, felting and animals. Not bad eh? I must have been a good girlie. Thanks mom. Thanks DH.

Off to sew......

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

winter around the house

Here is our shower curtain for Christmas. The ornaments were little in comparison to the tree, but were cute none the less. When I take them down (it is O Christmas day today, guess I should take down the real tree too) I'm going to put more snowflakes. We finally have snow, but not the snowman kinda snow. When we do that one, I'm going to make a snowman to put at the bottom of the tree.

And last night, I just HAD to stay up late to change the Christmas bunting to a snowflake bunting.

It came from a mini kit at michael's before Christmas. I sewed the flakes on with a button.

Just a little bit of winter to bring inside....

thanks for looking,

Monday, January 4, 2010

tiny world pin cushion and a heart

Here is the 2nd of my tiny world pin cushions. My 1st can be seen

The originals can be seen here on Mimi Kirchner's blog.

Do you like the scallop on my light blue water? It's a scallop blade for the rotary cutter. How cool is that?!! I need to work on the ball. Like, to actually make a ball instead of only half a ball. I noticed that she has more world on top. Hence, the need for a ball.
I'm not very comfotable creating my own yet, so I'm copying various elements from her collection. Aren't they just lovely?

Oh yes, there is another tree, it fell off on my ascent to the attic. Love the little sailboat. And how nice to take a picture in the window on a bright day. No flash. yeah.

Missy moo wanted a heart on her orange purse, so mama obliged. I may make a few of these pins for Valentine's day. easy, quick and fun.

Thanks for looking,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

few odds and ends

Whew! We're back home from a whirlwind visit to my sister in laws. I drove through every type of winter weather in 3 hours. in the dark. with a sleeping family. Lovely to visit, Glad to be home.

So here are a few things I made for my godson...

He really enjoys the felt cubes I made for him here, but the quality of felt wasn't standing up to baby drooling and chewing very well, so his mommy took it away. Being the auntie that I am, I made him a new block from fabric. And put some ribbons around it. The funnest thing about this block is the square of chip bag I sewed in one panel of the block. it crinkles! now he chews on it to his content and the ribbons have frayed as I hoped they would.

I also sewed a little square with ribbons and the chip bag liner. Here's a little tip... turn the chip bag so the silver foil side will be visible on the outside. I put the words facing out and you can see them in the block. Makes for a cute story. Their house is full of hockey fanatics, so the fabric is appreciated.

And another little birdie for the tree.( template is from Fa la la la Felt mentioned here.
this is how I finalized my ornaments this year. Just a straight stitch with enough thread at the end to crochet a loop. And a bit of stuffing in the body.

I still have to photograph the DS case I made for Rafael and the pile of sewing books I got for Christmas. When my headache goes away, I'm hoping to go visit my serger. It's waiting for me.....

Thanks for looking,