Sunday, July 17, 2011

mushroom pouch

Here's a pouch to house all those mushrooms...

I'm cheating here a little.. i just put the toadstool fabric on top.

I think a smaller size will be suitable for the mushroom match up game.

?this week, we met up with a friend and her dogs. found the perfect clearing for a picnic.

and the walk back.

the kids had fun picking cucumbers. it's bigger than her head and she ate the whole thing!

Himself can always be found watering or eating the produce.

Yesterday, I went on a sewing rampage and sewed up 3 outfits for a new Waldorf doll I bought for Neve's bday. more on that next post. I'm glad I did it, as I dislocated my shoulder this evening and had to go to hospital to get it put back in. It's an old injury from high school, but the last time it came out was 7 years ago. yep, it still hurts when it happens. It only came half way out, so it was awkwardly parallel to the ground. my left arm is hurting from holding up the right. yes, the right. I'm right handed. But I can still hand sew with my arm close to my side. The kids are going to day camp so I should be able to rest a few hours a day. wish me luck.



charlotte said...

ouch! sounds very painful.
Get well soon.

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