Tuesday, January 29, 2008

more bookmarks

I'm on a bookmark kick. So here are 2 more. And more to follow, I made 2 last night and have to make another for an order.
This template comes from Sharon Johnson at
http://notimetostamp.blogs.splitcoaststampers.com/ Nov 9, 2007 entry
The discover one was especially fun. I used the retired, "Mostly Flowers". My new cuttlebug got some use with the square dry embossed dots around the edge. THEN.. my Marvy square punch fit around that. I was so excited that these 3 things worked well together. Little things..
The butterfly on the front is one I had previously made from shrink art for another project. The simage is Papertrery's Butterfly Kisses set. The colours did match, until I put crystal effects on it. Then it brightened the colours. I will replace it, I think. The discover do-hickey is from the dollar store.

The "Be You" bookmark is done with Papertrey's "Garden Thumb" This set is very versatile. The little frame on the cover of the book mark comes from the dollar store. Bonus find. The "be you" sentiment is actually from the sentiment, "may the simple joys of life be yours" or something to that effect. I only applied the ink to the be you section of the stamp with 3 different colour inks. This is why I love clear stamps. You can see what you are doing and where you place things.

Designer paper is Ginger Blossom from Stampin' Up!
Once again, my photos are faded. Sorry, but you get the idea.

Thanks for looking,

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Tea anyone? I was so excited to make this set. The box template comes from a tutorial at www.sarahiscrafty.com Dec. 4 entry
The box contains 2 tea bags, a tin with 2 heart shaped sugar cubes, 2 heart chocolates and a 3x3 note tag.

The heart shaped sugar cubes are molded in an ice cube tray. I used the reciped from the Jan. 14th entry for
http://hemidemisemiquaver.wordpress.com. Look it up under recipes on her side bar. Becky has really great ides! Thanks Becky. In short, I mixed one beaten egg white in 3 cups of sugar. It goes a long way. but that was good, as I worked a long time on the sugar. My molds were too deep to fit 2 into the tin, so I had to half fill them. I also had to bake them longer, like 15-20 minutes. I decided not to tint them, as I had no red dye.
The tin is a 53 mm tin from Lee Valley with double stitched Pomegrante ribbon on the side. The paper is from SU, Berry Bliss. Yummy no? The heart on the cover is from SU "time well spent", stamped on the outside of the glass with Pallete ink.

I wanted to add a card, but a full card would have been too thick for the box, so I just used a card front. You can write a note on the back. The hearts are from SU "Loads of Love" set.

The last picture shows the contents of the T42 box. Of course, a nice compliment to a cuppa tea is a friend and a bikkie. (biscut), but I didn't have wrapped cookies. So of course, I substituted chocolate. Any objections?

Anyone wanna come over for a break?

Thanks for looking,

Friday, January 25, 2008

yohoo.. mojo? & I think I found it

This is the card I started with. I couldn't even get it together enough to use the designer paper correctly. The only thing stamped on this card is the heart. It is gold embossed. Not really in love with it. Hey, if I do send it to you, don't take it the wrong way. lol

Then, I started working with these papers and stamp. and voila, here it is. I really like how it turned out. I made 2 of them, since I had everything out. Stamps are from Stampin' Up "Always" set and the DP is called Berry Bliss. And Hey, I used all SU products. Maybe we'll do this for class??

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for looking,

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blue tulips

This card was cased from Renee at
http://reneevs.blogspot.com/index.html Not sure what date. She has some great things.

I changed the measurements a bit and the colours, but it is still presentable. We did it at my class a week ago. What great fun it was.
I've been working on some more of those bookmarks with the case. Really enjoying it. It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to attach an embellishment tonight, I'll tell you more when I take a pic and post it.

Oh yes, the double photo is a test. this time, it was the same camera, but different lights. I rarely get an opportunity to take pictures in the daylight b/c the kids won't let that happen. So I have to take them at night, when it is nice and quiet. Just in case you're wondering, the 1st pic was the lighter of the 2 and it showed up that way here.

Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


How about a little spring-like card for the freshly fallen snow.
It is Flowahbella from Stampingbella.

LOVE this paper, so I made a box to go with it. Colour combination is gorge.
Still haven't stamped. But I did take a trip to Michael's and got a few Easter stamps. Yes, I haven't started Valentine's yet, but they were soo cute.

Maybe I'll stamp tomorrow.....

Thanks for looking,

a little off season

Ok, so it's not Father's Day. but this is a card I haven't shared with you. I haven't stamped in a few days after a very fun workshop. And last night, I went at bed at 8:30, slept uninterrupted until 12:30! 4 whole hours! wow. now it's 2:30 am and I'm here writing this. yep, messed up. lol

I made this card while visiting a friend in Ottawa. I used her set, so I don't know what it's called. I think it's still in the catalogue. Colour inspiration came from the ribbon.
And holy, what a lot of typos I just corrected. I better head back to bed.:}

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

bookmark and cover

This template comes from Sharon Johnson at
http://notimetostamp.blogs.splitcoaststampers.com/ Nov 9, 2007 entry

I should call my creation.. All Things Retired. or almost. I think the only thing that isn't retired is the Symbols of Solicitude stamp.
I really enjoyed making this. it was easy to follow. You can make them cute, birthday, thank you, fancy. So many styles. And nice to have on hand as a little gift for someone special.

Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

da beer boys

My husband has resigned from his job of 10 years to take one with steady day shift and weekends off! did you hear me shout whoohoo!!
Anyhow, he wanted a thank you card for his work mates. Since most of them are beer swillin', car lovers, thought this might be appropriate!

Image is from Stamping Bella. I masked the 1st one. Actually, I used 2 masks to get the guys in the back. Coloured with Stampin' Up markers. Love the button brads.
As for having 2 pictures the same, I used 2 different cameras to see if it makes a difference. I'm not happy that my pics turn so washed out when I put them on the blog. They look great and vibrant in iPhoto.

Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My Stampin' Up order came yesterday! I was so excited to go play, even more so, since my friend gave me a HUGE package of handmade papers. I kept visualizing layouts. It was after 9 pm before I could go upstairs b/c there was so much to clean up after the 4 yr old 's b-day party! And we hosted it at a play place.
So here is the beginning of the set Always. I used copper embossing powder. The red goldy paper has red on the back that I wanted to show, so I crumpled the edges a bit. And guess what else? I sewed on my card! I was a bit of a sewer in the past, so I finally jumped on the bandwagon and tried it on the card. The outside of the paper was using a zigzag stitch. I have to work on that one a bit, but thankfully you can't see it very well. But what a mess on the back side, so I covered the inside front of the card to hide it.

The bird card has more embossing. I put in the shiny picture to show you. I love how the red paper lookes when cut. I'm going ot work on distressing it more with a file.

Sorry the pics aren't as nice as real life. I waited until today to post to try to get some natural light, but it's a gloomy day out, so here are the ones from inside.
Off to play again,
Thanks for looking,

Sunday, January 13, 2008


They say inspiration is everywhere. And after sitting at this amazing Japanese restaurant, stuffing myself with sashami, I took the placemat home for some inspiration.
I used the Stampin' Up set, Symbols of Solicitude.
I wanted the square in the middle to be a little smaller, but that is the only size square punch I have. I've been wanting a smaller one, my next SU order, maybe??
Because the black edge of the placemat was rough (like it was hand torn), I used the fiberous paper. My punch wouldn't go through it well, so I hand cut it. Not so good. Then it REALLY got fuzzy. So for a neater look, I used my fabric paper from Winners. My punch did go through that. This card is 3x3, whereas the fuzzy one is 4x4.

So, next time you are out for dinner, look around, or down. You maybe getting your piece of inspiration dirty!
Thanks for looking,

Friday, January 11, 2008

zoofari card

Well, just because you CASE a card, doesn't mean it won't take you twice as long to make it. Geesh!
Indecision costs so much time.
I decided to change the colour scheme. Ok, good start with the brown and blue bayou. Then what colour for the squares? After looking, I decided to keep the same colour scheme for the squares. But wait, I don't have those square punches that make it so easy. I have circle ones, maybe I should do circles, but wait, then I need a 3rd size for the animal image, no . Don't have that, ok, so now what? Oh heck, just cut the squares out. k, I don't have designer paper, but want a texture, get out the QuicKutz embossing folder. Wait, since I'm doing this, may as well make 2 of these cards. aaahhh.
You're still here? Am I driving you crazy yet? I drove myself crazy.
So, here is the card I made and the one I cased it from. We did the card at a SU workshop.

Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One sheet wonder

More bright and summer-y things from last year.
This set is Green Thumb from Papertrey Ink. This set is very versatile and happy.
I sometimes use a template for one sheet wonder that I found on Splitcoast stamper, but often times, I don't know what to do with some of the pieces, especially the triangle ones! Can't for the life of me get a good card with it.
Anyhow, now I just cut the paper to whatever mood I'm in.
Add some ribbon, flowers and a sentiment or 2 and you have a matching set for gifts or individual cards.

Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

bellas anyone?

I was thinking today that I may have bellas that you haven't seen. So I checked my Bella tag on the side index and yep, I have them hiding in my iphoto.
So here is a trio I did last spring. Ah spring.. it's been 15 degrees here for the last few days!! Yep, in January. All the snow has melted. We played in the puddles on the way home yesterday and took the long way home today. I keep reminding my son that it is really winter and the the snow will come back soon. We're still waiting to make our 1st snowman of the season.
But I digress... very far away from the spring bellas.

I need to get back to card making. or at least get to my room. I spent the night going through my whole blog list. It took well over an hour and a half. Glad I don't do that every night.

my, my, I'm a bit chatty tonight, so I'll leave you now..

Thanks for looking,

Birthday Train

Oh my goodness.. I started this card at 11:45pm. Nuts or wha? I'm glad I did it though. I'm happy with it.
My son's friend is turning 4 next week and we're going to a party.

This stamp set is by Stampin' Up and is retired many years ago. I think it was one of the 1st stamp sets I bought from ebay. My son was big into trains and Thomas and Friends. That was before I found a demonstrator in my area. Now I buy current, of course... from myself. :}

The card kind of folds backwards because that's the way the train was pointing. I think it still works though. The type stamps are from an art store up the street. The box has a tree on it.. I think. I forget who it is. The "Happy Birthday" stamp is from Michael's.

I've been working on that book tutorial. Many pictures. Have to figure out how much to tell in the story. And I have to finish the cover. But it's in the making.

And again, the colours are very faded from real life. How can I fix it?

Thanks for looking,

Sunday, January 6, 2008

another princess

I made it to my stamping room and voila.... no mojo! Where did it go?
So here is a card I made a few days ago. (Sarah, I'm ready to give this set back to you now. lol)

It is a retired Stampin'Up set. Simple layout, but boy oh boy, look at all that sparkle!! Like how the camera picked it up. I'm sure the colour has lost some of it's depth here. I don't know why that happens. it looks fine in iPhoto, but when it transfers to my blog, blech-o colour. Anyone else have this problem?

Anyhow, it's too late to think anymore. I'm tired. nite, nite.

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, January 3, 2008

hockey card

I was pretty productive tonight. Made 3 cards and started an 'about me" box. Pretty excited , considering I didn't even want to go to my room. Was nice to just play with no one or nothing in mind.

Here is a boy/man card! One without wild life. (well, that depends on how passionate the players are I guess. lol)

These stamps came from Michael's. They have a whole line of Canadian stamps out right now. Like "EH", beaver, moose, fishing, mountie, hockey, fishing, Canadian flags, and some more. Nice.

Coloured the shirts with some spah-kuh-ly pens. Purty eh? Used the circle punch for the sides. I have another punch I could have used to make it look more like a film strip, but the preparation to line it up- wasn't in the mood for.

So I hope to be a little more regular with making and posting now. Have the "I've been working up here too much for Christmas" out of my system. A nice rest is refreshing.

Thanks for looking and hey, pass on my site to others....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blog Candy Winner

Happy New Year!!
And the winner is lucky number 12...
Alex, aka sillybird stamper who wrote:

"Well in Weymouth, Dorset in the UK where I live there is a tradition that on New Years Eve everybody that goes into town dresses up in fancy dress, there are not many towns that do this in the UK, I have never ever done this!!!! sad or what, but my hubby is working on one of the pub doors this new years eve, as a doorman, and I will be at home with the kiddlings, who WILL be in bed way before 12 midnight or will be nightmares for the next few days otherwise!!! lol Happy New Years to you and yours"

Send me your snail mail and I'll get out the packege to you.
Thanks everyone for commenting and have a safe, productive/fun stamping year.