Monday, February 28, 2011

Hair Clip Holder

I'm forever looking for hair clips. Of course, they are all upstairs. That's where we take the hair style out at night, but we put the hair up downstairs in the mornings. Maybe this will help?

This comes from the book Sewing for Childrenthat I bought at Christmas. There are a few things here I want to make. I also made some fairy wings from there, but need to work on how the kids get them on. It's formulating in my mind.

Back to the clip holder. All the shapes are cut using Quickutz and the cuttlebug. I sewed the hanging ribbon to the batting inside the pot before I sewed the pot pieces together. That way, it will be a little stronger.

Did you see the skull ponytail holder? My new way of making clips, holders... covered buttons. fun.
Now I just need to make one for us. This is a birthday gift. I tell ya, my goal of making all presents this year is going to be the end of me. I need to make a stash. Is everyone born in the 1st few months of the year? lol

Thanks for looking,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

owl ball

I needle felted a ball for a little toddler I know.
Disclaimer: crappy photos from my phone

just added layers of roving and needle felting each layer.

There are a lot of layers. When it was big enough, I thought to make an animal out of it. This one is supposed to be an owl. I only had 10 minutes to work on it as we were late for the party.

I want to make another as a dog. Stay tuned. This has a bit of bounce to it, which was a surprise. The little boy loved it.

I think next time I'll try to wet felt the final layer. I don't feel as I 'lived' with this toy long enough before I gave it away. But now that it was made, I can do another. Why not try it? I heard wool balls are also good to use as dryer balls to help with static?

thanks for looking,

Friday, February 25, 2011

games bag

This was fun to figure out.

I think it is the first time I made a quilting block like this. Any kind of quilting block. There's a reason for that. Precision. Precise I'm not. Anyhow, it works for a checker board.
And a note book to keep score of card games. (cards inside the bag)

On the other side, a tic tac toe board with a felt star from Ikea. It was in the Christmas aisle. I bought a few. Or more.

The gift's recipient likes it. that's what counts.

Have a good one,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 little kittens have found their mittens

Here's another thing to cross of the list. Mittens!

I mean, there's only a few months left of winter right? right?

This mitten pattern comes from Betz White's book Warm Fuzzies
And a hat to go with the mittens,. The jury is still out on this hat. it makes me laugh because it is so quirky. And yes, it does look like an upside down sweater. I think I'll take the side points off and make it a straight line.

I had fun trying different sizes, materials ( felted sweaters, cotton sweaters, and fleece) and edging. I serged a pair with right sides out so I wouldn't have to turn them. It's the orange blue yellow pair. Kinda cute. Kinda looks like an oven mitt.

I do want to adjust the thumb pieces though. The placement of the thumb is a little off side so the mitten twists. Hopefully I can figure it out. If I do, I'll be serious about buying wool sweaters and everyone is getting mittens for Christmas next year. And I have to do them now, while the joy of mittens is still in me!

thanks for looking,

Monday, February 21, 2011

chicken on a plate

urrrr, make that a rooster.

Another great softie from More Softies Only a Mother Could Love
Don't look now, he's hiding in a tree.

keep a keen eye. You never know who's lurking in the shadows!!

Hopefully he's being enjoyed by a newly 6 year old! And has befriended his other playmate, the fox

Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 little ladybugs sitting on a plate

I've been in a needle felting kinda mood of late.

These are part of a belated "welcome to the world little one" present.

I was thinking of making a mobile, but these begot a life of their own. So instead of blocks or balls, they are lady bugs. To line up, roll around or just to play with.

Like the hearts on the back. tee hee.

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays and Tea

Today, we took a detour from thrifting in favour of fabric shopping, but I still have some to show you from last week.

Happy Bowls! aren't they marvelous? The only thing on them is that they are made in Japan. One bowl has a sticker that says it is imported by Abbott. In a search, there are many stores where their housewares are sold. In little boutiquey, upscale shops.

Pretty good for a half price day and the spoons. Only 3, but I'll take them.

I also picked up this organizer.

Folds up neatly with 6 compartments. The felt, button thing is from my button win from Little Fish Studios. (see a few posts below)

yep, good for a few buttons.

Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a little restless....

ever wish you had some time to do your own stuff? I could have on Sunday, but I was restless.
Everyone was busy with their own things..
Even Missy Moo was into the lego thang.

And himself digging in his Christmas toy bag for something new...

Hubby in his workshop fixing, fixing.

He even made this!
Edit: the thing he made was the brownies. not the coffee maker!
The silver thing is the coffee press that he uses every morning to make his coffee. It is a bit of a workout in itself.

And me, nada. restless. take pictures of other people looking busy.
But it has passed now. whew! I worked on my boy present yesterday. Happy with how it's going. If it gets a bit brighter outside, I'll take a WIP picture for you.

'Till then, happy sewing!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

another Maisie

What can I say, she's the GO TO gift for little girls this year. And she's so easy/satisfying to make. I think this is # 4.

here is the first one that I made and where the pattern comes from here and another Zippy Pouch

While I was sewing up, I gave Neve my jar of felted wool beads that I bought at Deserres. I think she was inspired by my colour palate for her bracelet.

Must make another prezzie today. For a boy. My own pattern. stay tuned.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

speaking of winning...

Here's something else I won back in December for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway week.

An awesome ninja from Amy at RadSeams
This fella is BIG! The biggest bedtime buddy that my son still takes to bed. Ninja slept on his pillow for a few nights, then it was decided that he hogged too much of the pillow, so he now sleeps at the foot of the bed, with a Portugal team scarf for his blanket.

Go take a look at some other fun ninja stuff. here


Friday, February 11, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays and Tea

My friend and I have reserved Thursday afternoons for Tea and Thrifting! it's fun to have an afternoon, grown up, let's explore and chat without children interruption time.
This week, I found a few treasures. The wooden elephant puzzle is from Brocklin Toys, Middleton, NS. They don't appear to have a website, but I do love the sturdiness of it.

And the wooden dish. It is carved from one piece. I have plans to restore both wooden pieces with some steel wool and beeswax polish. I'll post the after when I get it done. I'm sure the grain will look beautiful with some polish.

And what should I do with the bowl, well, display some more treasures!

A few weeks ago, I won a blog giveaway from Lil Fish Studios
A pound of buttons! Nice to get in the mail on a cold winter day. We sat for tea and had a good look through on the table. I'm sure the people around us thought we were nuts! My daughter took all the shiny buttons.

The cheery fabric under it all is a skirt. I couldn't resist. I may resize it to wear or just use it for a project. It makes me smile.

I have many more treasure to show. I think I'll have a regular Thrifty Thursday and Tea. I may happen on Fridays by the time I can get photos in the day light.

thanks for looking,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bits of love

Bits of love around the house today...

This garland and a super easy way to make multiples is found at Betz White

There were hearts left over, so rafael had some fun stringing ornaments and putting them around the house.
On the bathroom door...

On the lamp...

On the speaker...

And bits of love on the chair...

Have a good one,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

astronaut pouch

I'm on a roll people! another felt and machine stitched pouch. I drew up a few designs last night.
Here's my moon landing interpretation....

A look at the back. Oh, a shooting star. Make a wish.

The astronaut and flag are from QuicKutz. I buy QuicKutz atScrapbooks By Design. They are a Canadian, Online store.

The rocket is mine. the same as the rocket play set here

And here are the 2 pouches together. Sorry it's not in the mail yet Anna, it's a snow day here!

Stay tuned for more pouches!