Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ice Treasures

A few years ago, I showed this ice treasure activity here (she looks so small)
During a heat wave like we are going through right now, it's a perfect activity to cool off. Ice treasures...

During the year, I collect bits and bobs with this activity in mind. little picks, brushes, eye droppers.

I also take little things like kinder egg toys, beads, pom poms, buttons, marbles, figurines, you name it and put it in a container for summer. Put them in water in a plastic container and freeze.
It's neat to see them try different methods to try and get them out. Try to have a mixture of floating things, sinking things, larger sizes that they'll have to work at and easier things like buttons and foamies to pick off easily.

I make sure I make up a few extra for when friends come over.

Back to sit in front of the air conditioner.



April's Homemaking said...

This activity looks like a wonderful idea for summer!! How fun, I will have to put this together for when my niece and nephew visit, they are just the right age for this. Thanks for the idea!! ~April

rebecca said...

this looks so fun! thanks for sharing Amanda! :)