Sunday, August 30, 2009

from coveralls to a bag

This is a quick, don't look too closely at the stitches kinda project.

I need another bag to take home all the schtuff the kids got, and me too, on the airplane.
We have so many duffel bags at home, I didn't want to buy another one. So this came to mind.

It's a coverall made from the practically indestructible fabric(?) that I got for a buck, yes a BUCK, at the fabric store. It already had a zipper, so I went with it. Cut off the arms and legs and started sewing.

I put some handles on it and sewed the corners to make it more of a box shape. Let's hope it makes the trip in the baggage storage!

Just one more day here. It's been cold and rainy the past few days b/c of another weatherfront. It wasn't as bad as hurricane Bill, but there was soooo much rain. This afternoon, the sun finally came out again and it was warm. I'm hoping it's still warm in Toronto. Squeeze out the last few days before Rafael goes back to school. It's a new alternative school he's going to this year. In the same building as his school last year. We shall see what this year unfolds!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lauren's dress

We stayed in the city an extra day and I got to sew! I brought this fabric with me from Toronto to make this dress for my niece. I want to make another for her younger sister, but don't know if time will let me while I'm here. With the cold breeze today, she wouldn't get to wear it this year.

Another one with shirring on the top. This one was so much easier for a few reasons.
1. the edged bottom. I didn't have to cut, iron and sew. Already done! Score!!

2. I used my mother's grown up serger for the edges, instead of ironing and hemming. It is set on roll hems, but after detangling and changing the threads, I decided that it was the look I was going for anyway! wink

3. I only used 2 pieces, which I sewed together before I shirred the top.

4.I made the straps a different way to allow for growth and keep on ability. I sewed the straps in the back a little closer to the middle. Hopefully, this will help avoid the flashdance look.

I would have liked to have my little model demonstrate this dress for you, but she passed out about 2 hours ago. I have no idea if she will wake before morning. We have been keeping very late nights here. Maybe she'll catch up.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

adventures in Shelburne, NS

almost a week has gone by, I've been quiet. On here, not in real life!
We've been visiting friends and camping. Much fun, friends, and family to enjoy on the last few weeks of summer. And various weather reports.
We went to Shelburne, NS to meet DH, who went there for a sailing regatta. It was foggy on the 1st night. It looked a little sureal on the water. I guess they could see each other and the big orange marks on the race course.

Shelburne has a history. Loyalists were big there and still play a roll in important town events. Here they are on deck to give the race an official start.

I love how the kids are covering their ears. :}

Here is a pic of DH and his newby crew accepting the winning trophy! They won the whole regatta. THey raced 5 races on Saturday with varying weather conditions as Hurricane Bill was expected on Sunday. Not as bad as everyone was predicting. Good thing.

While they were out sailing, we went swimming in the harbour. How lovely is it to walk down to the end of the street and go for a swim with the seaweed! And then we walked 2 stores down and got slushies and sat in the sun and wind. (they ran out of ice cream.) Lovely, just lovely.

We later found ice cream in Wolfville, in Annapolis Valley. My alma mater is there, Acadia University. It is my dream to live back in that area. Someday, maybe someday. Couldn't resist taking everyone to Hennigar's for a cone. Nice to walk, explore and lick the dripping sides as you laugh, chat and enjoy family.

DD and I are back in town for a night and a day. Then off to the campground again for a bit. Such freedoms for the kids there.
Tonight, we went to THE best fabric store I ever went to!!! Atlantic Fabrics. I just about squealed with delight. So many fun, quirky fun prints. I did have to stop myself. And they had a sale!!! SCORE!! I'll show you some pics tomorrow. after all, you did come here for something crafty, didn't you?

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hi ya card

Here is the last card I made in my frenzied papernight last week.
What is it???!!?!?!!

I had the vision of using the alphabet and the HI to be highlighted. Yeah, my QK alphabet die was a little bigger than I thought. And I didn't shim it enough in my cuttlebug to get all the letters out. i was in a hurry to finish before everyone came home. So I kept going. I should have waited. The flowers and little snail (look under the big pink button, it's really a snail) are from a thing I picked up at Zellers. yep, this one is a bit much to look at. Not quite flowing, KWIM?

Anyhow, we're off to Shelbourne tomorrow. So I don't know if we'll have internet access. Big news around here (Halifax) is the coming hurricane expected on Sunday night. Hope it holds off enough until the sailing regatta my DH is here for is done.

Till next time,
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

little polka dot fringe

I whipped up this little number today while the kids played in the air conditioning. Is it hot where you are? Crazy man.

Anyhow, the top of the dress is a t-shirt that DH's cousin in Portugal gave us from her daughter. THe image was painted by her friend, so I wanted to do something with it, rather than wait until Neve was big enough to wear it.

I hemmed the sides and put a little ruffle on the bottom.

The dress was deemed "not pinny enough" Doesn't spin when she turns, but she wore it the rest of the day none-the-less. Please excuse the blurry photo, messy hair and dirty popsicle face. She was in a hurry.

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baby train

We're having a great time at nanny and poppy's so far.
Here's a card I made in my scrappy mood. not much to say about it.

Catch ya later...
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

that's a scrappy card

Here's a card with no stamping! Wanted to use my SU leaves die and found the flowers in my stash/ I think they are Heidi Swapp.
Pearl brad from a trip to NS last summer and the lace is from a fabric store downtown. the lace border is Martha Stewart punch. Embossing is a Quickutz plate.

I just got the new diamond and dots one AND 2 new stamp sets from Papertrey ink!!!!!!! Christine over at went to CHA and visited nicole's booth. I'm sooo thrilled she was able to pick up the Button set and the polka dot basic set for me. And I don't have time to play with them. boo hoo. Off to Nova Scotia in the morning and I'm bringing sewing with me. you know what? It takes up less space than if I was to take enough stamping supplies to satisfy me! and I'm dying to use my mother's grown up serger instead of my mini one. Am I a little obsessed or wha?

Check back for a few more cards over the week. and maybe a few sewing projects.

thanks for looking,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A bird and a song

I got some time this evening to make some cards. I guess I was in a scrappy mood, by the looks of my 5 card stash! So more to come. One at a time girls, one at a time.

This one uses Cuttlebug music embossing folder, Quickutz bird, nestabilities label die, and Stamping bella's wacky weeds. the sentiment is from a shop in Lunenburg, NS.

We're off camping for the weekend. Should be fun. Looking forward to more swimming. the kids love it. And I love them being old enough to do it.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cartoon bag

This bag was fun to make, mostly b/c of the fabric. I bought this in Portugal also. DH heavily suggested that I by a full metre, but I only bought half. Boo hoo to me. I thought it was Dick tracy, but it's a little of everything. Even some sci-fi, which the recipient of this bag is in to.

And a card to match. This panel was waiting to be used.

A little pocket for the necessities.

and a sneeky peeky at the red back for some oomph.

Thanks for looking,

Monday, August 10, 2009

my 1st Apron

I've been in sewing mode.. again. Have to make a card tonight though. Stay tuned.

Tia's (aunt's) birthday is in a few days, so I made her an apron. I bought the teapot fabric in Portugal and thought it would be perfect for her, as she is from Portugal, was visiting when we were and ended up on the same return flight as us. bonus!
Anyhow, it was my 1st attempt at an apron. Was not what I had in mind and had to sleep on joining the top to the bottom. I know next time, it won't take as long.

Love the pocket and the orange thread.

Today is my baby's 3rd birthday. We skipped the party this year, as we celebrated with some of my husband's family a few days ago, and will celebrate again with my family when we go to Nova Scotia next week. how many parties can a kid have?! Her avo's (grandfather in Portuguese had a birthday also, and when we go down east, poppy will have one too. special to celebrate with both) She told me this morning that she is still 2 and will not be 3 until she sees nanny, b/c nanny is making her a white cake, with white icing and a purple butterfly. She already put in her order. lol I have convinced her during the day that she is now 3 and she has some to terms with it. little minds.
Wow, a lot of info there. She was happy in this picture, I interrupted her "finger poking the icing" obsession that Avo let her get into.
Happy birthday Waffle.

Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rock Garden

Well, I have to admit that I haven't done much papercrafting lately, or any type of crafting to be truthful. Our days are filled with adventures and trips to new places. The kids are so busy, they fall asleep in the car to get caught up. There is only so much time in the day for sleeping when you've just learned to ride your bike, swim in the lake and visit friends and family.

Here are some pics of Rafael's rocks that he lovingly put in the garden. This project occupied 2 rainy days.

I think our local pool will be open today! HooraY!!!!!! (the city strike is over) so a little trip there after lunch will be very welcomed.

Thanks for stopping by. Especially, when I've been very lax in my productivity.