Friday, December 28, 2007


Yes, I've not been making much lately, but it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of ya!!

I bought a new Cuttlebug today!! 50% off at Michael's and a gift card from my mother in law. Hello! Can you say, "almost for free" ?
I got it home and it didn't work. Realized it had been used. No packaging or anything. Anyways, I went back to the store after supper, in the horrible, horrible rainstorm. Scary driving. Had it been snow, it would have been whiteout conditions. Thank goodness it wasn't that.

But I digress... I started here to tell you about some blog candy. so what are the goods?

a sampling of my cuttlebug things... Right now, I only have one embossing plate with the circles and the 4 stamp samples that came with the box, BUT I have many quick kutz dies and some from the revolution also. So I can get a good pile going.
Also, I have a take ten card sampler magazine to give away, I'll take pictures of them tomorrow for you.

Really enjoying the downtime after all the hustle and bustle. Especially since DH has 3 days off! It's been a long time since he's had 2 off, so three is amazing. We're being fed well here. (He's the main cook here, so much so, that one evening when I was cooking, my son looked at me and said, "Mom's don't cook! Dad's cook. Why are you cooking?"!!! lol can you believe the 3 yr old mind?

Well, guess I was very chatty here. Now it's your turn,
leave me a note. Tell me something nice or funny about your few days off... or what You'll be doing for New Year's eve.

Draw will be on New Year's Eve.

Thanks for reading and pass the word on.. candy over here!


Jan Scholl said...

the best thing about vacation is when hubby goes back to work. I feel like I have a old old bald child. I hope the tv blows up too.

I did make a snow man tonight. I was at my daughter's house and she is in Florida for two weeks (nice as I had planned to go before I got elected to house sit) so I made a huge snowman in front of her door-with long arms and a wine bottle-so all the world can see. I am so mean.

Cathy said...

Count me in on your sweet giveaway! Our holiday this year was really nice and simple. Which is a big change for us, but we sure did enjoy it. The family did go roller skating and had a blast.
Thanks for a chance.

Linda said...

We have wonderful next door neighbors who have a wonderful New Year's Eve party that we are invited to each year. Great location because we can walk there and back.
We have 2 dogs and 2 of our dogs bring their really tiny dogs at Christmas---it is quite fun watching all 4 dogs play.
Linda Peterson

dd2njoy said...

Thanks for the chance at your candy!!! On New Year's Eve we are going to my brother's place for dinner and party,it should be fun cause all the nieces and nephews will be there and it's about the only time we all get together!

Sarah said...

With three little ones we stay at home and buy snack stuff, watch some movies, wait for the ball to drop in Times Square, and if they are still awake let them go outside and bang pans or use a noise maker to ring in the New Year. Oh yeah, we also be celebrating our 7th anniversary at 12:01a.m. yep, we were married at 12:01am on 1-1-01!

Tessa (shastess on SCS) said...

Hi! For New Year's I will be making a special dinner and we will just be staying home since we have a 3 month old and a 3 year old.

Tejal said...

For new years, I will be at home. I'm working on new year's eve and so there will be some special dinner and desert and welcome the new year with family!
The cuttle bug has been on my wish list for a long time..hopefully i get it soon!
Thanks for the candy!

tyrymom29 said...

This year On New Years Eve we Have to go to both sides and squeeze everyone in ....It will be nice to see everyone even if only for a short while !!!!
Hope you all have a Happy New year!!!!!

Angel Wilde said...

New Year's Eve is me and my hubby's 22nd Anniversary. We'll be going to a PARTAY and maybe to dinner. I love my man and can't imagine life without him!

Anonymous said...

We don't do anything on New Year's Eve anymore. We are older and settled in our ways now. We are both retired, so don't have to worry about time off. Ha! Oh, I found your blog through Allison's "Stampin When I Can".
Thanks for a chance to win.
JoAnn B.

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

The holidays have been so nice and we did a lot of visiting... so ... New Years Eve is going to be a nice and quiet night for our family as we will be going to a lodge with a number of families shortly after.
Thanks for sharing.

Alex said...

Well in Weymouth, Dorset in the UK where I live there is a tradition that on New Years Eve everybody that goes into town dresses up in fancy dress, there are not many towns that do this in the UK, I have never ever done this!!!! sad or what, but my hubby is working on one of the pub doors this new years eve, as a doorman, and I will be at home with the kiddlings, who WILL be in bed way before 12 midnight or will be nightmares for the next few days otherwise!!! lol Happy New Years to you and yours

nettystamps said...

OOOOH a jealous am I? I actually got to play with one right before Christmas (a friend of mine's MOM owns one and she left it with her from Thanksgiving til they traveled to her house for xmas!) It was awesome!! So I would LOVE to win some of your handmade goodies created with the Cuttlebug... :)
And such a bargin, yet to boot!! Gotta love a bargin!
Thanks again!

Sunnymommie said...

we will stay at home and play poker with my fiance's friends.. little party for my kids...there not much to do because my kids are still younger.

Linda SS said...

It's New Years eve & I'm home with my hubby. He's in front of the TV & I'm in front of the computer. We will both be asleep before midnight. We are such a barrel of fun:)