Thursday, July 7, 2011

happenings and a pouch

Hi All...
how goes? Many sunny days spent close to water around here. I did get to sew tonight for a short time. This pouch, and 2 others not sewn/shown, have been in my head for a few days.
A little pouch for a boy who likes his Lego mini Figures and has trouble leaving the house without one.

Now it can be safely attached to his belt loop for hands free playing. The vinyl pockets can be for pictures, drawings, some ID. Anything that doesn't risk falling out.

I don't know about where you are, but my succulents are going crazy this year.

Look how tall that chick is. And flowering too.

We've not had a lot of rain or humidity lately. Could that be the right combination?

I think that combo has made my daughter grow too. She grew almost an inch in 2 weeks. Maybe that's why she's been so cranky. :} Good thing it's summer and she's wearing shorts and skirts.
A trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario.

A stop into Lee Valley today. Tonight, I cut and began sewing clothes for little Christmas Elves. Yes, you heard me right. Last year, I swore I would start Christmas things in the summer. It' s a perfect craft for parks, playgrounds and kid watching outside.

And a bit of a swing! I had to get off, it was making me motion sick. Lame eh?

Have a good one!


Cheryl said...

Such a good idea to put a zipper on the pouch. I hate their disappointed faces when they discover its fallen out or Mummy forgot to check their pockets before popping it in the wash! Neat idea.

charlotte said...

My succulent has gone crazy too! Very tall and flowering, the exact same as yours.

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