Saturday, July 2, 2011


Yesterday, we visited our "veggie Garden". Actually, some rows of veggies we were lucky enough to plant in someone else's veggie garden. Thanks Tia!

Much care and manure was given to this allotment. tee hee.
And many weeks later.. growth and food.

The peas were taller than the kids. so sweet and yummy to eat off the shoots.

And the radishes were ready.

We didn't mean to plant radishes, but the carrot seed package said to plant some radish seeds to help loosen the soil around the carrots and that you would see where you planted, because the radishes grow faster. Well, they took over the carrot patch.

And everyone loved picking them. Eating them, not so much.

Silly family enjoying the bounty of leafy greens. Some Calde Verde soup to be made for sure.

Yes, we all dressed in red on purpose. It was Canada's birthday.

have a good one,

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Creative Mom said...

Beautiful garden!!