Monday, March 30, 2009

another boat??

Hi ho,
just a quick card I made for my DH's bday. I've had this dollar store foam stamp forever and have finally figured a way to use it. It cam on a sheet with a few other beach stamps.

Card base is a card set from Michael's a few christmas's ago. Happy Bday tag is from a card making set that my aunt sent me last year.
mmm... that's about it. It's coooold here still. You get a few days of nice spring weather, then poof... cold winds blow. bbrr. But the flowers are starting to poke their heads for a look. Can't be that far away.

thanks for looking,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

beaded flower

Good Mornin' to ya!! promises to be a great day here in Sunny Toronto. We're off to the inlaws to celebrate my DH's birthday.
last night I took him out for a surprise evening. Started with a date at the sushi place we often frequented as a couple without children. Remember that life? Then I whisked him off to see the musical Crazy for You. it was put off by a group I used to sing with before I was a person with children. My other life. Nice night for sure.

Anyhow, on to why you're here:

I saw a pack of beaded flowers at Michael's and thought, I can make those. So I tried it. These beads are bigger than the ones they had, but it's all I had. I like it. Just covered a little notebook and took the paper out of the silver rim. nothing too exciting, but something to show you.

Have a great one.
thanks for looking,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jewelry pieces

I attended a jewelry party last week. great fun. I wanted to buy something hip, but kept coming back to the items below. Ever since I saw DH's relatives in portugal with similar pendants, I've had my eye out for them. male for my son, female for my daughter and the heart for my DH. This company is called Silpada. Wonderful stuff.

The party was on Friday and the package arrived on Wednesday! how cool is that? And yes, the chain is like the kind from a bathtub plug chain. I bought it at a craft store and wanted that look. And yes, I have the same kind of big clip on the back of my neck. LOL
So, here comes the crafty part. My son reallyyyyy liked my necklace. He wore it all night. And kept saying hooooww muuuuchhch he liked it. My brain went to work.

I have some black shrink art paper. I started with a heart stamped in silver. It worked well, but the ink came off. So I sanded the paper. I wished and wished I had a gingerbread person stamp. (now that I think of it, I do, just a little too big for this project). Couldn't find one, so I found a pencil and music note stamps. I made some tags with them. Worked well. (my daughter now has them on a bracelet.)
I then thought of cutting out the heart with my Quickutz die. Rub some silver metallic ink on the edges. Yeah. As I was returning it to the proper spot, I discovered the Quickutz gingerbread people from Christmas!!! SCORE!!! ( the female looks a bit like a penguin) I was so excited and couldn't wait for him to discover it in the morning. He wore it to school and used it for show and tell. Apparently, he described the whole process of how to make it, as he's used my cuttlebug before. Crafter's children. :}

Isn't it great to be a crafty mother!

thanks for looking,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

flowers and granny squares

more crocheting for you. I thought I had done myself out with the flowers and had put the crochet bag away for a bit. But then my friend, Barb, of the online, eco-friendly toy store, (sorry Barb, I can't get my hotlink to work. Cut and paste people) requested a long zipper pull for her son. That's all it took. A simple little request. I immediately thought of the granny squares. A new challenge? Sure. I imagined 2 together as the blue and brown one is. I also made a few more, but they sold quickly. Then I decided to try multi-coloured ones and fell in love. I can't stop doing them. they are so fun!!! I have a few other ideas, but can't bring myself to try them until I use up all my multi coloured ideas. So stay tuned, there will be more!

Oh yes, I these are the last lot of flower designs I did. Haven't found a purpose for these yet. Did you see them on the front page of the Papercrafts mag this past month? Lovely.

thanks for looking,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

We've moved

No not us, yet, but a coworker of my husband is moving. So I brought this to the dinner.

The wood box and buckle are from the buck store. Paper is Autumn Leaves? Flower- prima and ribbon from my stash.

I covered a little note book with the same paper. The wagon on the card is from Stamping Bella and the house is from the Stampin' Up! jumbo wheel. Just let me say, put a few rows of that wheel on a page and the kid will stay quiet for a LONG time. colour, colour, colour, cut cut cut. bliss bliss bliss.

That's it. Thanks for looking,

Friday, March 20, 2009

birds and flowers

I've been working on scrapping this picture for some time now. Nothing ever worked for me. Finally, 1 day before it's delivery, i figured it out.

The silver dandelion and the wacky weed is from Stamping Bella.

Sentiment is from a sticker pack. The white paper is embossed with sentiments about family. I was thinking I should rub some silver paste over it to bring it out, but it was late, i was lazy. :} The photo corners were just silver heat embossed on paper.

The big challenge with this layout was to keep it flat. The frame has no give to it or space in between, so it couldn't be overly embellished.

Have a great weekend!!!
Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Butterfly flutterby

So, this little idea grew into a 3D project. i love it. i wish I didn't have to give it away.

The chipboard shape is from Michael's, as is the DP on it. They come separately, but fit together. Glued it on, sanded it and did the edges with SU basic grey. kinda dark isn't it. I think i would like to get a lighter grey ink pad.

All the pieces on the green side is from the Amy Butler pack, also from Michael's. Love that set. can't wait to try something with the sewing elements in it. may have to break out the sewing machine. I just added a few bling centers to the flowers.

On the blue side, I coloured my favoured tulips. Luckily, there was some paper that went perfectly with it. The fence came from a card making kit my thoughtful aunt sent to me last year. butterfly charm- dollar store. The pin is from the 2nd hand sale. A whole bunch of them. See, I didn't hoard. Ribbon-SU. I think the corner bracket is from Basic Grey? and the dangly bling is from a yard sale. i think it came from a chandeliere. (I know I didn't spell that one right.) Perfect card is from Amy Butler. I beaded an earring hoop to hang it from. Oh yes, I stamped a few of my SU backgrounder stamps on the blue paper.

Different look for me, but i love it.
Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

crochet zipper pulls

Happy St. Pat's day! Where's the Irish in ya?

I've been working on a few things, but haven't been able to get them completed. And a few ideas in my head.
So here is a shot of some more crochet flower zipper pulls. These all went to my family down home.

Put a huge dent into decluttering this place yesterday. Well, the front room of our basement. it was the dumping zone! Now it's organized and stuff ready for a yard sale in warmer days. Yeah.

hope your day is swell. we're off for a bike ride int he park. it's lovely out there today.
Thanks for looking,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sea Maiden

We took these pictures last summer on our visit to Shelbourne, Nova Scotia. It was a great sailing event and a lovely little town. hoping to make it an annual thing.

The title and the embellishments are not really coordinating. I have birds all over the place and then slap a nautical title. Oh well, I couldn't think of anything to call it.

The flowers are ones that I made, the green felt frame is from a flower coaster at Michael's, Red bird-Quickutz, acrylic bird-May road? I also bought a few houses. I added the buttons in that odd place as there is a hole there from the ball and chain it was on. Why do they do that? Do you have any of those chipboard outline people? They have a hole on the top of their head! What do you do with that? But I digress....The white writing is from Quickutz also. Paper- bought at the 2nd hand sale last week. Will find out the name later. They totally dictated and changed my plan for these pictures. I wanted to do a spread of my crochet flowers, but when I saw this paper, i just had to use it. it went with the colours in the photo.

It was a lovely day at my LSS, Scrapbook By Design. I attended a crop. Went late, as my printer ran out of ink and I had to get them printed at the grocery store. thank goodness for the instant digital prints eh? I left a little early, as i was feeling guilty, imagining my family home without me. You feel that too sometimes? Jokes on me, they weren't here when I got home! They were still out and about. They went to a maple sugar bush and had some fun. I think I'll make a little book out of the pics DH took.

K, thanks for looking,

Friday, March 13, 2009

spring tulips

Ah, with the blue skies and sunshiny days, I long for the tulips to burst out. It's still cold here with promises of warmer weather tomorrow. the family is going to a maple sugar bush, so it will be appreciated.

Here is my hand at shabby chic. It wasn't my intention when I started, but when I pulled out the box of Amy Butler embellishments from K&Co. I was inspired to do so.

So many themes in that one little box, sewing, flowers, children, keys, birds... I certainly have to think differently to do it. I love the look when others are successful.

have a great day!
Thanks for looking,

Thursday, March 12, 2009

another name tag

My girlfriend's daughter has been invited to join a gymnastic class for progressed kids. (that's my name, I don't remember what they call it. Stop laughing Barb.) Anyhow, I'm sure i"ll be corrected. Her family and I are excited and proud of her accomplishment. This tag is for her bag. I don't have a gymnast image in my collection, but I have this cheerleader from inqueboutique. Did I spell that right?

Sparkle compliments of Martha Stewart glitter. i used glitter!!! It is put on the sticky shapes. Hearts are made with SU 3 heart punch. Letters are Quickutz Moxie.

Ummm, that's about it. I tried my hand at a shabby chic today. Not my style, I'm sure I could have added a few more layers. I had fun. Hoping the sun will be out to take a pic before I give it away tomorrow.

thanks for looking,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

button button

Here is a little card made with things out on my desk. the white flowers are already embossed. Just traced around them with various colours and added buttons. Sentiment is from the baby set I have.

thanks for looking,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

monkey monkey

k, lame post title. Or should I say, ack. I'm just too tired to think right now. The time change has caught up with me. We didn't get to sleep in on Sunday, as I had to go to work, so everybody got up. We've been on the same bed time, get up schedule, which has been great. But I'm tired today.

Bet you didn't come here to learn that did you?? So here's some eye candy..

That was the inside of the card. The glitter parts are sticky stickers that are meant for glitter,etc. Can't remember the name Je m'excuse.

I just like this monkey peeking out of the hole.

All paper SU and various punches. Buttons- coconut ones from my stash.

Thanks for looking, Off to pick up hubby from the airport. yeah.

Monday, March 9, 2009

sailing with the birds

this is a set I scored at the 2nd hand sale yesterday. it was only $5!!! Close to my Heart, acrylic.

I'm not so sure I like this card, but I know that with my DH's passion of all things sailing, it will be used. I might try it again with a clear EP on the compass and sewing with my machine.
I did the birds in clear EP and bleached the paper with bleach and brush. This SU brown doesn't change colour a whole lot, but it's something different. I'll be sure to post the 2nd version, should I make it.

Thanks for looking,

Sunday, March 8, 2009

ellie, ellie, elephant

This card took a long time to put together. i knew what i wanted as a layout, but I couldn't get the papers right. I changed the CS, elephant base and front, the square, the letters, etc. Finally got some things that worked at the same time.

The elephant is cuttlbugkids, letters- Quickutz Moxie, and the sentiment from Michael's.

I scored some great stuff at the sale today. Very exciting. i ran out the door after church and took the least travelled route I could think of. lol Can't wait to play. Hoping the kids go to bed on time with the new time change. Going to take them to the park to wear them out.

Thanks for looking,

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dancing girl

Well HELLLOOO!!!! I'm back. thank you for returning although I haven't given you anything new in a week! I think that's the longest dry spell I've ever had! I was crocheting flowers though. I should take a pic before I send them off with hubby tomorrow.

Anyhow, I did get to play today. 3 projects, so I won't leave you for so long.

Here is a name badge for one of my cousin's children. More to come another day.

The ballet shoes are Quickutz and the sentiment is from Stamping Bella, as is the one on the other side.

This image is tutuface, also from Stamping Bella. I really need to go visit her soon. have you SEEN the new things she has?? I'm sure shoppers have been shrieking all week. My goodness, how to make a grown woman happy!

Butterfly is Martha Stuart punch (have you seen the cute little easter punches of chicks and bunnies. Too cute) and the letters are Quickutz moxie.

My LSS,, (they also do online orders and I can't get it to link properly,. so cut and paste to see it) is having a 2nd hand sale tomorrow. i've been saving myself all week! only problem is that I sing at church until noon and that is when the sale starts. So I miss out on some cool stuff I bet. They are lined up waiting before it opens.

Thanks for looking,
off to sing on this dull, wet, dreary day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

red sailboat

I got this idea from a little tag in a magazine (to be named later, it's upstairs) It was more grungy than mine. I can't get that dirty feel in my work. :} This card is 5.5 x 3.25

When I make cards these days, I always make 2. Just easier when it is all out and then you have an extra on hand, waiting for the occasion.
I decided to try a little faux stitching on the 2nd card.

I like them both. What do you think?

Thanks for looking,