Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas Eve!

Hope all is well and under control where you are. My family were all sick with fevers, snotty noses and coughs last week. As long as I can make it until tomorrow afternoon, I'll be ok. I have 3 services to sing, so I have to stay healthy until then.
And oh boy! Have I eaten too much... already? Only been to 2 outings and I'm stuffed. Still.

Here is a book mark I've made for the choir in my church. Simple as I had to make over 40. Mass production overload.

And here is a pic of my family last week digging out from the huge snow storm. This week I was running from the rain! Now all we have left is yucky, dirty snow piles left by the plows. Maybe some fresh stuff will come tonight?

Have a great one.
Thanks for looking,

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