Tuesday, July 28, 2009

purple dress

We spent the day yesterday at the park with friends. one little girl was wearing a dress that was shirred on the top. I've had my eye on this technique for some time now, so I challenged myself to make one for Neve. The girl's parents didn't believe I could do it. Or should I say, were in awe that I said I could. haha.(nudge, wink)

I scored big time at a yard sale this past weekend in the fabric dept. Mostly quilting prints, but nice for little dresses also. So I paired the little purple flower print with a nice lilac linen I scored a few yard sales ago.
To shir the top, you use elastic thread and loosely load your bobbin. I marked out the appropriate spacing before I started shirring. Once you start, the fabric bunches, so it's harder to measure anything. If you have a husband in the room who can step on the stretched fabric for you as you pin other things, it helps. thanks hon.

After I sewed sections on, I serged them to keep the edges neat. the bottom band has a little gather in it also. the straps are made of the linen and just tied on the top. In order to get her to pose for the pictures, I bribed her with the goofy glasses. Nice thing about digital, they get instant gratification and ham it up even more the next photo.

Rafael decided to get in on the action as he was painting rocks. A nice dull afternoon activity. Especially the rock picking expedition before hand.

Thanks for looking,

Friday, July 24, 2009


Almost a whole week since I posted last? Where has the time gone? I don't ever remember going that long without posting.
My lack of posting this time is due to lack of making anything. I've been crocheting and made a few more cup holders and cut a bunch out, but other than that, been entertaining the kiddies. It hasn't even been good weather. But that doesn't matter to them.
My son learned to ride a 2 wheeler this week and my daughter learned to ride a 3 wheel scooter and a tricycle. They have been requesting "walks" from whomever to where ever. Anyone who will take them! lol

We had a great trip to da burbs. the park had 2 playgrounds, splash pad, beach, fossil huntin' and a chip truck. Could we ask for anything more? oh and lighthouse and marina.

Here's the one time we did sit. Looking for fossils. found a few. rafael got to be good at spotting the right kind of slate to break open on the rocks.

We even spent a day on the beach with friends. I told you, they don't care what the weather. A beach day is a beach day. I can't believe that's my daughter next to my son. She looks so big. Doing so many things. We are in the midst of very successful toilet training. See, you just have to wait until they are ready and have a really good candy or "treat" for them.

So, that's what's been happening in our world.

thanks for tuning in.....
maybe I'll get back to crafting soon. I hope. At least I'm not itching to do it yet. It's bad when ya wanna, but can't. I'm not there yet, thank goodness.

Monday, July 20, 2009

few last beach pics

We finally got a warm day today. And when I peeked out from the shade, it was very nice. The kids were having a blast with their friends at the splash pad again. Pool would be nice. Maybe a visit to mother in laws for a pool dip. They live in a different town where there is no strike. yeah.

Here are a few snaps of one of the best beaches we went to in Portugal, Praia Beliche. The one we discovered on our last days there and the winds were not too overwhelming.

Here's a pic for a scrapbook page for sure.

Our 1st time there, it was late in the day. We hadn't intended to stay, just check it out. Of course, the kids had the most fun there. And got wet playing with the waves.

I think the waves won on this little game.

This is St. Vincente. It is the most westerly point in Europe. Sailors used to think it was the end of the world. I have a feeling I've written about this before, but it could have been on facebook. Sorry if it's a repeat here.

This is the cliff on the other side of St. Vincente. If you click on the picture, you can see there are 2 fishermen on top of the rocks! That's some long pole and line!!!

No plans to go out tonight, hope to make something. My little room is feeling neglected.

Thanks for looking,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

new home card

Lookeee here! I made a card!

Loving this little birdie and house. And the polka dots. I feel I'm a little out of the loop on the new card making stuff. I haven't been to a scrapbook store since May! can you believe it? But I'm getting in the mind set to start making some of my glass ornaments and practice my soldering again.

I think we're back on this time zone, so my energy level after dinner will allow me to create and make. I bought a batch of new fabrics that i have visions for also. The only thing I'm getting done are crochet flowers. I take those to the parks while the kids play.

Speaking of such, I can't wait for the city strike to be over. the pools and wading pools and summer programs are all shut down. It's sad. the kids are so eager to go swimming. Looking for some other things to do instead of the splash park near here. I'm getting a nice go on my bicycle though. And pulling 2 kids in the bike trailer makes for a good workout. It's all uphill on the way home.

Oh, some details on the card: Bird and house Quickutz, Branch and star-Stampin' Up!, Oval-nestabilities, paper-2 different kinds, sorry, don't know. Star tags, maybe prima? Comes in a little can. Sentiment-Stamping bella

That's all for now, got my desk cleared a little so hopefully I'll get to more papercrafts. I wanna scrap a page or 2 of our holiday.

thanks for looking,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Land sailing

On a trip to Sagres, the most westerly point in Europe, We passed this intriguing adventure. Since my DH LOVES to sail, I convinced him to try it. (didn't take much).

Introductions were made, rules were read and they were off to get suited up.

Henry did a few laps around to get used to it and had a bit of a race with the owner. Now that guy was fast!

July and August are the windy months, it was so crazy windy. they are a year round operation. Mostly bookings in the fall and Christmas/New Year's and easter bookings also. The grasses continue to grow, so in Late October/November, when it is a little wet, they groom the course to make it smooth. They continuously check for rocks and holes throughout the season.

I couldn't believe when my son wanted to go on it too!!!! A little Henry JR. in the making. He was so pumped and LOVED it. I can see these 2 going out sailing at regattas in a few years while mama takes her little doll to crops! HAHA

It was a great adventure and a different story to tell.

I actually stayed up past 8:30 last night and hope to get to my room to make a card soon. it's been far too long. Going to get the new Stampin' Up catty this weekend, so I'll truly be inspired.

thanks for looking,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

last days in Portugal

Don't worry, I still have 2 more stories to tell you after this post, so my Portugal adventures are not done.

On the last few days, we took it easy and visited some places from last year. We went to Lagos to look around. If you are ever in the Algarve and are missing home, as in English speaking people, go to Lagos. it is such a tourist town. lots of brits and germans. But I enjoyed walking around there last year, and it was too windy to go on the beach that day, so off we went.
It is so neat to compare this trip to last year's trip and how the kids have grown in that time. Last year when we went on this carousel, henry had to get on with Neve, as she was too little. this year, she was waving proudly like the queen passing by on her little horse.

Here is a sand of Neve and me on the beach in Beliche. Big high cliffs to climb down, but on the bottom, the winds were tolerable. we even went back. (it's where I got stupid tourist burn #2.)

This is how everyone dries their laundry in Portugal. Or inside. Haven't seen clothes dryers anywhere. It amazes me how they even got these clotheslines up in the first place, strung from across all the windows.

And after our 4-5 hour adventure to get from the Algarve back to Lisboa, and a short rest at home, we ventured out at 9:30pm to attend a summer fair. There were many artisians, music, food, food food and lively moods. It was wonderful. (another difference from last year, I would never have agreed to going out so late at night with the wee one.)At this market, I got some pottery and cork coin purses. Yeah! Finally found the booth. Was such a nice night to be out and about.

Thanks for tuning in to my adventures,

Monday, July 13, 2009

few odds n sods

We are finally home from our amazing vacation! this year was soo much better than last year.
#1-the kids are a year older! that made so much difference. We didn't have to figure out naps or feel the effects of not having one for the wee one. She was that more independant
#2 it was a month later, so it was warmer! So much warmer. We got to go into the water a few times
#3 we visited family first, then had a week on our own at our holiday house
#4 on our week alone, we visited with family who were also on vacation about an hour away. So we got to visit them and they visited us., We actually got to host them. And our rental house was perfect for it.
#5 We knew what we wanted to go back to see and where we wanted to go
#6 i didn't just turn 40 and have to deal with that little bit of yucky like last year. lol
#7 i felt better physically, as I had been working out for 8 weeks before hand. i lost most of that hard work eating cheese and bread 3 times a day before every meal!!! But the gym felt good today.
#8 I had something to do with my hands. Even though we were super busy and falling into bed everyday, I did get to make some crochet flowers with my new anchora threads and I made a bag that was in my head at the relative's place. creative of holiday.
#9 we had already met the relatives. Last year we were meeting them for the 1st time, this year, it was like family! :} we had such a great time with all of them.
#10 I was happy happy happy. even when I got sunburned. twice. in different places.

Here are a few random pics:

So here is a pic of the gang getting ready to chow down on some moose meat. it came all the way from Newfoundland. My uncle got it in the fall of last year and my cousin's daughter brought it to toronto in the spring. Henry cooked it up in Portugal for a fine meal. Everyone loved it

i noticed a lot of these pants around. New trend to hit North America next year? I don't quite get them. Guess it that over 40 thing. :}

Last year, I was on a large quest to find some cork products. Finally, our gracious host/cousins found me a coin purse in Lisbon. This year, mere stpes from our hotel in coimbra, was a store, that we passed a million times everyday, selling cork products! i almost melted. i actually shivered. Decided I wouldn't splurge and got this little case that matches my purse. I had wanted one this size to fir the purse and my credit cards so I could change it from bag to bag. how excited I was.

That's it for now. Must pick up pieces from getting home.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Checkin' in!

I'm blowing away here in the Algarve, sitting under a shady tree with free wi-fi blowin' in the wind. Here is some craft related pictures for you.

My computer battery died earlier, so i couldn't post. it is now the end of the day. We finally found a beach with not so much wind. it was very big cliffs to climb down. Amazing! Of course, we didn't think we'd spend any time there, so the kids had the most fun and got their street clothes soaked. Fun though and mama always comes prepared with extra clothes. Will post pics tomorrow.

oh, and pics of my son and DH land sailing. Yes, really! I mean, why not. there is no shortage of winds here. may as well play with it.

off to eat the leftovers from the last few days.only 1 day left here and 1 day in carcavelos.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monchique, but really Gois and Folgosa

We are stopped in Monchique for the day. Loving this little town in the mountain. Very much a tourist trap though. But Hey, is that not what we are?

But let me talk about our visit to Samoura and Gois. Which was cut a day short.

We went to isabel and Antonio's house in the mountain. they grow their own food. We ate pork, beans we just picked, oranges, cherries, plums, potatoes etc. The kids had a great time visiting the "fields"which is on the hill.

here is a pic of the open fire to cook. They do have a stove, but why use that when it tastes so good over a fire inthe kitchen floor?

Here is a pile of harvested cork that will probably be making it's way to Canada

I love this pic, you have pears in the foreground, beans on the ground, to the right in the back are grapevines and to the left is corn.Amazing eh in such a small space.

Here is this year's family shot on the rooftop in Folgosa. Henry's mom's house in the mountain mountains! the oranges we picked from the tree there are so yummy.

And lastly, a peek at pickin' the beans.

Must run, kids are antsy to go get some lunch. maybe will get back to talk some more this trip to the free internet zone, outside, in the breeze. YES!

Thanks for looking,

if you want to see a few more pics, check out my facebook page:

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I think we're going to blow away int he Algarve. I didn't plug in my computer, so this will be kinda short.
We spent an extra day in Coimbra by the request of the cousins. i love that place and the little part that we were in. We did a tour of the university grounds and some top of the hills sight seeing.
Then we went to Gois, in the mountains. The kids picked oranges and beans, ate just picked plums, cherries, potatoes and we had fresh bachalau and porco for lunch. Oh yes, the bread and cheese, every meal is started with bread and cheese. i don't think i can eat any more bread and cheese!!! AND THEY EAT SOOOOO LATE AT NIGHT. Sorry, wasn't meant to be caps, but now that I look back!!!!!
We are now in our own space so we have lots of veggies to consume. Back to Albufeira to visit more family that is vacationing there this week.

SOOOO NIce to be here. but really,
I am blowing away here.
I will update with pictures and more details next time.
hugs to my family


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What can I say,yesterday was a lazy getting up day, went to IKEA. Yes, it's true. for lunch. Then hit the beach on the way home.
Grabbed our bags and drove 2 hours north to Coimbra.
Here is the view from our hotel room at night.

We wandered around the narrow cobbled streets and went into a hole in the wall restaurant. YUMO. The kids were hungry, the food was good and we had a great many laughs at the table. Was a wonderful family time.
Then we walked around some more. it was late and the stores were closed.

Rafael wanted to go to this spot and run around a bit. Neve's hair has been in ringlets ever since we've been here due to the humidity. Mine, another story. FRIZZ. Now i know why I felt like such a gawky teenager. We lived on the ocean and the mist always made my hair a misery!

This morning we actually got up at a decent time as we were to meet a cousin for breakfast.
We then went to Little Portugal, the land of little houses for the kids.

By 11:30, we were all done with the heat and humidity and the burning sun, so we packed up and went to the mall!
Man, the food court was some good! They had a spot that had traditional Portuguese food. White rice, beans, bbq chicken and salad for only 5 euros. Went to check out the bowling alley, but we didn't have socks, so we're going again tomorrow. I know, weird to go bowling on holiday, but it's hot and we are not near the beach. Tomorrow, we're going to Gois where they have a river beach, so we'll save that playing until then.

Meeting family for dinner and hit the hay.

I bought some Anchor crochet thread. they have thicker ones with such wonderful colours. I only bought 3, but realized the quality is superior and I should buy a few more popular colours for my flowers. So that is my quest. Last year, we went around the corner here to a fabric place and bought traditional aprons as gifts. I wasn't into fabrics then, but sure am now. So We'll check it out.

Thanks for looking,