Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yarn Along

WOW! It's been only a week since I last posted, but my blogger dashboard does not look the same. Has it changed I am unaware of it? Or is it just one of those days? I seem to be figuring it out. But whoa. 
Anyhow, the pictures are all backwards for the way I imagined to compose this post. So I'll start at the end.

I'm playing along with Ginny over at Small Things for this weeks Yarn Along.

here are the books that are getting my interest this week. Stitched Whimsy and Super Cute Felt. I'm enjoying the eye candy and wishing I would just get out the felt, thread and needles to do a little late night stitching. Lovely things in those. I'm also catching glimpses of the East Coast magazine my mom sent DH for his birthday. It's from the East coast of Canada, featuring articles from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. Places close to my heart.
And now for the knitting.. Finally, my self striping sock. This is a merino with a cashmere blend. It is so soft and lovely. Everything i wanted in a sock. 
The heel is much better on this one.  After I turned the heel, I picked up 16 stitches on the side rather than the 19 they suggested. I think It may have done the trick.

As you can see from the sock below, the 19 stitches makes it a little too saggy and big. The sock below was the 1st one i knit in real sock wool. Small needles. I used needles that were .25 bigger than the pattern called for. That may have something to do with it I'm sure.

I decided to keep knitting it after I found the merino/cashmere wool. But after awhile, I realized that I probably would not be wearing this sock. it is kind of itchy. I have a very particular foot. Fussy it is. So I stopped and started the one above. Much happier.

Anyone get callouses on their finger tips when they pick up their knitting after having stopped for awhile? Or is that a silly question because you always have some sort of knitting with you!? I'm just an occasional knitter.

Thanks for looking,
P.S. Geesh, With the new format, I don't even know where to click to publish. Oh, see it at the top.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

unknown Hook rug

My, I've been quite slack in the creating and reporting department. For good reason. Spring cleaning, clearing, gutting, decluttering has swept over my house. Slowly, oh so slowly, am I doing it. But it does feel good to have it done.
Wanna see my sweater collection?

The 4 bags to the left, the large bag on the right are all sweaters. The large on e in the middle is large fabric pieces, like sheet size or a bit smaller. These vacuum bags are awesome. They really do take up less space, but the bags are HEAVY.
So for a little show and tell, I present a horse and barn hook rug.

It was my uncles. I think he said he got it at pottery Barn or Anthropologie? I don't know if that's correct. If you do, please advise.

Whomever hooked it was a good hooker. This is the front.

And this is the back. Yes, really. Isn't it lovely and consistent? I aim to hook like that one day. Then I will be a good hooker too!

Off to clean some more...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

flower puppet

After all the singing and performing for the last month, I'm finally getting my sewing brain back. Yeah!
How about this face?

Along with these petals..

And some leaves..

To make this little beauty..

Usually, I put my tag as the tail on the animal, but this one doesn't have a tail. It's just sewn on the back.

Another to go into my finger puppet collection

I used die cuts to make the flower petals and face. Gives it a nice even edge.

Have a good one,

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Here's where I spend every Sunday. I sing from the pulpit on the right side of the alter. I get to see how the outside light changes throughout the year as it streams into the stain glass windows. I get to make beautiful music with beautiful people.

And then come home to these beauties....

Happy EASTER!!!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Thrifty SCORE!!

I tell ya, my friend Charlotte can spot a good find a mile away. She has especially good radar for little girl treasures. On this thrifty occasion, she brought over a box to Neve. There was much oohing and ahhhing, but as I was deep into the rack of wool sweaters on sale for .99 cents each, I didn't pay it much mind. Until we came home.

I don't know the Madeline stories, but we will be sourcing them out on our next library trip.
This is the nun. The costume is amazing in details.

And then the 2 girls!

Here they are dressed to go exploring.

With a hat and overcoat, doncha know!

And the little detail on the side of the hat.

The drawers in the bottom of the case have some treasures as well.
Framed Photo..

A passport. I didn't even think to open it to see what is inside.

Some postcards.

A suit bag.

Look at the nun's bun...

And her undergarments.

Isn't it a girls dream kit? I can't wait to get a few books for her to re-enact the stories. It will be fun and is treasured already.

And I found 4 good wool sweaters for mittens. Yes, a good day at the thrift store.

Thanks for looking,