Sunday, July 24, 2011

doll face of the Waldorf kind

I got to start the doll face on Friday. Here she is in her birthday suit.

Here is the hair I finally decided on. i love it. Mohair boucle and hand dyed. Gives it great colours and depth. Wool by FibreArtists.

When you put all that hair on, it makes for a very huge head of hair. And curly, just like my daughter's.

Was told, to put the pins in place for the eyes,

then trace. I realized they were not straight, so I took them out, traced it again and thus began the 1 hour attempt to sew symmetrical eyes...

Here was the 1st batch. Wasn't liking the shape they turned out. So i ripped it out.

Here's the 2nd set. It's not symmetrical at all, but they are going to stay. I only had so much time and I'm so done with the eyes.Then there was the mouth. not so easy either.

There you have it, her face. i may just put in a little mole like she has, but may do it with some eye liner. we'll see.
Here's where I entered the head to hide the knots. A long needle was in order for this.

And the spot where the lips went in.

I started sewing the 1st layer of hair today. Man, these dolls do take a lot of time. I understand now why they cost so much! But much pleasure from it. I'm sure she will be in love.

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Unknown said...

I love the looks of this doll!!! what pattern did u use??ive been searching for a pattern like this with NO luck:( great job so far!