Monday, July 21, 2008

not again!!! and more news below

OH. My. GAWD!!!
we have another squirrel!!!!!!!!!
you can read about our 1st adventures of squirrel hood below

I think this one is more rowdy than the last.

help uuusssss

I've had people email wondering how the squirrels are getting in.
These are highly intellectual squirrels, they are very clever. THey wait till we play outside and come in ..... wait for it.. through the open back door! GASP!!! I know, imagine the nerve of it. lol Needless to say, I'll have to listen to my daughter yell about the closed door than have the neighbourhood squirrel population living with us. For those who live outside of Ontario, these squirrels are not cute and grey or brown., They are evil looking black rodents! I'd take a picture, but they aren't worthy enough. Can you tell I'm in love??


Jan Scholl said...

Send him my way in Michigan. I have at least 3 living in my pine trees. the dogs chase them all day and they fly off the roof. fun to watch.

Carol said...

How the heck are they getting in??? I used AAAWildlife to get the buggers out of my attic when we had issues.......