Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boy album

k, lame title.
This is a Making memories plain album. I covered the front and inside panel with paper. not liking that effect as it is so easy for the paper to bubble. So i painted the rest of the album green. That also bubbled, so I covered little bits of it, as you can see on the side cover. I covered the inside because it is a triangle/frame type and when it is open, you can see the inside cover. It's the one with the airplane.

The chipboard shapes are from Memory Keepers. Love how they go with the paper.

uummmm, lost my train of thought and my consistent typos are driving me crazy. So I'll sign off. lol

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Monday, September 29, 2008

funky thanks

DH wanted a few thank you cards. Don't you feel so justified, when your partner requests a card and you can just go away and bring one back!?? lol No running to the store to look at all the sentiments and find the right card. you just make one yourself and tell him to write what he wants inside. The card is the picture on the front, not the words inside. Know what I mean? :}

This image is Funky Dandelion from Stamping bella. I was playing with the faux embossing technique, but I didn't look up how to do it. So I know I did it incorrectly, but I liked what I did. It is hard to see the detail in these blah lighting, kitchen pictures.

This is the first one I did.

Changed it up a bit with a little narrower block and popped up the image on pop dots.

Used Quickuts basic phrases for the thanks. I finally found a Happy Birthday set which will be on my next to get list.

Don't ya love those wee wee little tiny brads. Soo tiny. can't remember who it's from. Sorry.

There ya go. I went with the easy card. I also made one in black and grey. Just figuring whether I should use a little colour for the thanks and matting.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome Neighbour!

I sat in my stamping room tonight and coloured. I couldn't think of what to make, so I happily coloured. Then I decided to make a card for the new neighbours that moved in across the street.

Love these houses from Stampin' Up!. It is the jumbo wheel. I should be getting my own tomorrow when the man in brown arrives. The twill is from joann's last year. And the tag is nestabilities. key is from the buck store. Sentiment is from papertrey ink.
I love colouring on the kraft cardstock and then adding the white with a paint pen. pops it up.

I have a few other completed things to show you, just have to get outside to snap the likeness of them. The light at night in my kitchen is blah.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

not much

I've been trying to post a few projects that I did for 2 days, but Blogger is not letting me d/l. It's taking forever.
I'll try to export the pics again in a smaller size and see what happens.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

super boy

Not much happening in my stamping world these days. I did play with my brayer yesterday and some fish. The fish set was given to me by my friend, Dorothy. It is a SU set from 1997. I can't wait to play with it again. And she also gave me a golf set from the same year. Awesome. Thanks so much Chloe.
Here is an image that I did last week. it is to go with the pirate card for Sam and Evan, 2 year old twins. Cutie pies.
houses Image is from Stampin' up!, Super Tyler is from Stamping Bella. Houses is on kraft CS and coloured with SU markers. I coloured the windows in white to pop it up. Still thinking of how to put it on a card.

Yesterday after nap, we went to the beach. We're having such a wonderful week weather wise, that we took it to the water. We had so much fun playing, playing, playing. It was one of those magical, happy times.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

who's a special helper??

I got an inspiration last night and went to my stamp room around 9:30. At my son's school, (actually, many schools I've taught at) they have a special helper for the day. I decided to make a male and female tag for the kids to wear.
It is totally NOT what I had in mind. And I DON'T like the girl one. At all! I need to get some round coasters from the dollar store this weekend to make some new ones. I think I'll make seasonal ones also.

bit of chipboard, few accessories and there you go. I used a new glue stick that I got at Stamping Bella last week. It is for adhering heavier things to projects. Whilst there, Emily was working on a page and glued some metal apples and shovels to her project.; At the end of the night, she was able to turn it over and wave it around. It didn't fall off. And so cheap. About $2.50! Of course, I scooped the last one. I've been using Crystal effects to adhere things for fear of it falling off. So now I'm trying this new one out. I glued the 2 pieces of chipboard together with it also.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Georgina Glamourpuss

This is a card we did at the Bella Party last week. It is Georgina Glamourpuss. Say it again, I know you wanna.:}

It was my 1st attempt with Copics. Yeah, I need to play a lot more with them. But not much time, as Nicky had a full night for us. I did get to play with the colour pencils and odorless mineral spirits again. I bought the stuff, just haven't used them a lot yet. the OMS make me giddy. believe it or not.
See the sparkle? I used glitter! Not happily, but I did, on several cards. It even got on my face ! Shock. lol

Too much light in my eyes today. this time of year, the angle of the sun blinds me. Especially when it reflects off things in the house. PING. Unexpected bright lights don't do so well with me. Gotta go mend.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

moose in the trees

This card uses a technique with a brayer that was inspired by Andrea Walford's tutorial here

The ink faded quite a bit after it dried. I'm not sure if I used glossy cardstock or glossy photo paper. Instead of more mustard, I used so saffron. The mustard was too dark for me, although, it is vibrant on Andrea's blog. Must be the paper.

I'll be trying this again with winter colours. Why the moose? It is for a friend of my dad's who used to go moose hunting with him.

Can you hear me sniffling? We all have nasty nose colds right now. Well, the kids are mostly better, I'm dripping like a leaky faucet. Now my nose is all red from the poor quality tissues we have. Word of advice: Always have a box of tissue with lotion for those recurring nose wiping sessions.

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Monday, September 15, 2008


I got to stamp almost the whole evening!!! Couldn't tell you the last time that happened. Thanks DH. :}
I got 2 cards done, but could have had more if I could find my shtuff!! Still not cleaned up from my almost table swap I wrote of in another post.
This pirate stamp is from Stamping Bella, treasure map from Stampin' Up! and also the cheesecloth background on the baja breeze card base. I have a sentiment stamp, "yarrgh", from Stamping Bella, but can't find it.

Even though it's not done, this was fun to make and I'm glad I finally got it out of my head. It's been there for awhile:}

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

star wish joy

I spent a few hours in my stamp room tonight and only came up with this. I'm pretty happy with it. So need to get into the groove. I think my happy hour must be some time in the morning, as I have no brain left after the kids go to bed. That used to be my prime stamping time. I'm sure I'll figure it out.

The white square and star stamp is Maya Road. The joy and wish sentiment is from Papertrey Ink's text box Set. I like how Nichole always has something extra in a set and those sentiments are it.

Star is punched with Stampin' Up! on baja breeze. So is the blue ink.

Oh yes, much fun at Bella's last night. One of the girls brought a chocolate fountain. 3 Pounds of chocolate is not a good night time sleep aid! Nuff said. I'll post some of the cards we did another time.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

nuts and figs

My darling uncle wanted a little something for his co-worker's birthday. Happy birthday Alex!!

I got some mixed nuts from the Basse store in Laval. It's a great place. You can mix your own. yummy. Figs and nuts is a Portuguese tradition, so I went for it.
I made the topper for the nuts and then decorated the figs also. I had the bags from Clear Bags. very handy.

I can't wait until I get my table situation figured out in my stamping room. I miss it.
Tonight, I'm off to a private class at Stamping Bella. so looking forward to it.
I'll show you the cards tomorrow.

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

a few bellas....

(that's how my daughter says hello, hilo, with a little flip of the tongue for L sound)

I haven't been in my room lately. I was excited last weekend when I scored the perfect table for my stamping room. I've been working on a "temporary" table for 2 years. it's just plywood on legs I bought at Ikea. It wobbles so much I always yell at the kids.. "don't touch my table!" lol SO when I saw this old table, with extendsions on the ends for 10 bucks, I scooped it up.
Well, the 2 guys there, put it in my van. I couldn't get it out when I got home. Too heavy.

DH came home and helped me get it in the door. Sad story but true... we couldn't get it up to the 2nd floor. The tabletop was too big. It would never get to the 3rd floor as the stair case is narrower. The legs were nailed in, couldn't take them off. I accepted that it was not meant to be. Sold it to a neighbour. My hubby helped bring it across the street. And then proceeded to help her husband unscrew the table top!!!!! Can you believe it? It could have been mine!! SO, anyhow, the point of this story (I think) is that I cleared of my old desk to make way for the new and don't want to put it back until I have something better.

So, in honour of my time at da Stamping Bella tomorrow night for a private stamping class wit da girls, here are a few bellas I did when I 1st started stamping.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crochet flowers

When I was in Portugal, I couldn't watch tv or go on the net at night. I was in creative withdrawal, so I bought some crochet thread and a hook and set off to make some flowers. But I couldn't remember how to do it, nor how to read a pattern for one.
This past week, DH's aunt came over and we had some time to make some. See how nice they are? She's good. Me, not so much. I forget how to start already. I really need to write it down, but don't know the terminology.
Anyhow, here are a few flowers she did. I watercoloured the background and added half self-stick pearls from Stamping Bella. Sentiment is a Michael's stamp from a few years ago.

And of course, I must let you see the 1st day of school pic. We went in the afternoon, but were expected in the morning. They sent me the wrong info. He's registered as morning. Took me the whole summer to think as a kid going to school in the pm, now, he's in the am. Oh well. I had to be out of town for the next day, but my uncle said he got up, got dressed and was ready to go to school 45 minutes before the time. Eager beaver.

And here is a pic of my daughter's 1st day at the learning centre. She made one blue swipe on the paper behind her and I think she fell in. She was also not too impressed. lol

thanks for looking,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Teacher's Pet???

My son starts junior Kindergarten tomorrow. He's a little indifferent about it. His piano lesson went well today. As I predicted, he was very shy at 1st, but he answered a question and then there was no stopping him:} I hope he has a good day tomorrow.
Here is a gift I made for his teacher. DH thinks I'm making him a teacher's pet on the 1st day!

I saw on someone's blog (sorry, I don't remember who) a little jar they decorated and put funky shaped paper clips in it for the teacher. So my mind went working and this is what I came up with.

The labels on the bottles are done with black shrink art and white ink. Then a little bling on the ends.

The bottles are from Ikea and the treats inside are from staples and the Dollar Store. The book and apple image is also from a Dollar Store in Nova Scotia. I bought it last year.

I'm so excited about my watercolouring. My Uncle and I are going to take a course over the fall. The last time we did that, I was mucho pregger's with my 1st born. So I should enjoy it a little more this time. Or at least be more comfortable.
here is a close up of it....

Must get to bed. Big day tomorrow.

Thanks for looking,

Monday, September 1, 2008

here is another one, just like the other one....

I had so much fun making the bookmark from the previous post, that I made a few more. I don't think I'm finished with these yet... I think I'll give this one to my son's new piano teacher. We're going to try the "Music for Young Children" program, as I get to participate in the class with him. At least he'll know one person. :} He's a little shy at first.

DP is Bella Rose-SU, image is from the Paper Pleasures stamp store in Lunenburg, NS. I bought it last year. The card base is embossed with cuttlebug folder-Adagio, and the music score inside the pink is retired SU.

Hope y'all had a great weekend. We're back into school routine tomorrow. My son will start Junior Kindergarten this week. The time has finally come!! Let's hope he's in a good mood that day. :}

Thanks for looking,