Monday, July 21, 2008

Frozen Treasure!! Arrggg!

I got this idea on another papercrafter's blog. i can't rememebr who it is. Maybe when I'm blurfing later, I'll find it and put it here.
The kids are having a great time treasure hunting. Just grabbed things from around the house. It's finally a decent day. A day of poor air quality and humidity and then a full day of pouring rain.... We are really enjoying our little yard today and listening to Barenaked Ladies kids cd.. Snacktime. (I know, one of the band members just got arrested in the States, but it is still a good cd!) It reminds us of Portugal as we only had 3 cds for the whole 2 weeks.

k, off to do a card, I mean a tag post. If I don't get intrrupted to much. :}

Thanks for loking,

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Mama King said...

Thank you, I love this!! Eventually the weather here should warm up. Thanks for the idea :-)