Monday, July 4, 2011

a bird in the hand... and a parcel in the mail

Remember the Sew mama Sew giveaway back in May? Well, I won 2 giveaways. the first from Kickapoo Chronicles can be seen here
The 2nd, from
Oh Angelina! has been trying to get here since then.

This lovely linen printed pouch and crochet goodies were making their way from Australia, but got interrupted by the Canada Post strike. Now that the strike is over, it's starting to feel like Christmas here.
The crochet flower is very intriguing in it's making. i still haven't figured it out. Nice indeedy.
Thanks Angelina for the giveaway. It's going to be used for something special to be sure.

Around the same time, I signed up for a bird swap hosted by We Bloom Here
I finally received one of the birds from Tanja at Watermellish Another parcel from Australia. (sidenote: When I was a papercrafter, there was a community with a lot of stampers from England. Seems this Waldorf inspired, home schooling, creating back to nature kind of crafting has found me a nice community of Aussies. Kinda cool)

Here is her inspiration:
"Tanja (Australia) of the blog Watermellish says of her birds: [They] were inspired by the dozen or more families of Fairy Martins which live under our verandah. I made some wee birds from a modified Spool Bluebird pattern. I shrunk the pattern and changed the shape of the tail. I also designed, knit and felted a little nest for each of my swapees based on the bottle-shaped mud nests these birds create."

After such lovely packages, my son gathered up our little collection of birds sitting about.

I think it's missing a penguin.....

Have a good one,

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