Monday, July 11, 2011

Waldorf Inspired Summer Swap!!!

Remember when I made 15 of these
for a spring swap?No? It was back in May.
you can read it here
So on Saturday, I finally received my swap items! (Canada post strike/lockout tribulations) And what fun it was!!

After supper, I handed the kids one thing at a time to unwrap. it was like Christmas.

A few things got jumbled in the box, so I looked up this One Hook Wonderpost to see what was what.

We had fun admiring the treasures and setting them all up. But sometimes, the bubble wrap is too tempting!

In a heat wave here. DH put in the air conditioner in my attic sewing room. I think I want to live up there. We will find excuses to hang out there during the day. If we ever stay home long enough. Not complaining, but I want to have a day of not watching the clock. It's summer for goodness sakes!

Have a good one!

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