Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beaching in Carcavelos

Day 2 started with some rain. But by the time we got ready to go an a fabric shopping adventure, the sun had some outand we went beaching afterwards. It was a short beach day. Parental unit didn't bring their clothes, so someone had to stay on bag duty. next time, like today, we are only bringing towels to the beach!

This beach is right on the main road. how cool is that? Down over a cliff of course. They have nice foot and showers to get all the sand off. And this huge fortress to protect us from......

On our adventure in looking for the fabric store, (yes, I found some and have already made a bag. Show ya later) we went to the wrong area. We are using a GPS system with the voice of Jane. I'm a little tired of Jane already. every few meters, seems like she's saying, "in 200 meters, go left on the round about, 2nd exit." Lots of round abouts here. After awhile, sounds like she is nagging you! :} Last year, we had John Cleese's voice. A little humour in there. Helped.

And more fish last night. We really have to start making some of these fish dishes instead of just boiled cod. YUM.

So here's a pic of my kids with sand up their bums!

Today, we are going to Coimbra to stay at the same hotel as last year, Astoria and to visit Little Portugal for the kids.

I've added pictures to the 1st Portugal post of Sintra if you haven't seen them.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

We´re here!

We have arrived in Lisboa, Portugal with no problems. We are staying with my husband´s cousins who are wonderful hosts in Carcavelos.

Yesterday, we had many naps and a visit to Sintra, the Switzerland of Portugal. very romantic. Lovely place, even in the soggy rain. And the drive back was a loop of mountains, beaches and a nice sunset as we drove past it, surfers in the waves, kids playing in the sand. Can I tell you how excited I am to be here?


We were also lucky to have 3 family members from Toronto visiting here are the same time and waiting for us when we arrived. Fish, fish, fish for the meals in many forms and amazing pastries in Sintra.

The sun is peeking out, but I hope holds off until our shopping trip. What else is there to do when it rains? :=) Our host´s wife also sews and told us of a fabric place. my adventure for this trip.

palacio da Pena

anyhow, must get a move on the day. It´s already 1pm. late sleepers adjusting to the time change. DH figured out how to get some internet on our computers, so I´ll get some pictures later. I think we may be going to a fado place tonight. Fado is traditional Portugese music, beautiful singing.

thanks for looking and stay tuned for PT installment 2. (hi Madalena)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Tonight is the night we go to Portugal! Hoping to hit this spot again in Sagres, most western point in Europe.
Much to do today in preparation. So excited when I think of all we are going to revisit and do. I must stop thinking about it and get productive here.

I'll be blogging about our adventures so come back soon.....

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cute embellishment

A friend of mine brought a cute skirt to my attention a few months ago and I've been wanting to try this little embellishment ever since.
http://pinklizzysews.blogspot.com/2009/05/its-arty-skirt-fiesta.html (cut and paste, people)
Don't you just love her stuff??? I got lost in there for some time. yumm.

So when I bought a ton of plain t-shirts, I decided to embellish it. Only one of many ideas to come.

I love how it raveled after the wash. And of course, buttons buttons buttons. I have such a huge stash right now, it will take, like, for- evuh to use them all. I think I see a button picture frame in the future.

Man, it is HOT here. Spent most of the day outside again. until about 4 pm, the yard is nicely shaded. then it's time to move inside and ugh about how messy it is and get into cleaning mode. popsicles and freezies are our friends. I must make some juice ones to feel healthy about it all. :}

hope all is well where you are....

a card! a card!

I had to make a card tonight to go with the prezzie for my mother in law's bday. Isn't it all matchy poo? lol

I made a matching cup holder to complete the ensemble.

It's been lovely here the last few days. We have moved into the yard! It's more of a bowling alley, but we love it none the less. Lucky to have a corner lot in this tightly built neighbourhood. Yes, that is an albacore boat behind the tree. It has since been returned to it's club. Yeah. more room to play.

I told the kids I would take them to the splash park today, but reneged when i realized I didn't have the car with car seats. so instead, I brought out the sprinkler on the front lawn.

My daughter wanted nothing to do with it in the beginning, but then was all over it! She even sucked some up her nose!

It was well received and has been requested for our guests tomorrow.

That's all that's happening in our world. Only 2 more days of school and only 4 more sleeps before Portugal! countdown is on and the shopping is in full swing. ugh.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009


We're having a great day in Ottawa. or should I say, parts outside of it. My husband is participating in a sailing regatta this weekend and we're staying at a friend's place that I've known since Acadia university days. The kids are getting along famously, the little animal farm with gigantic play area was a huge hit and we're off to the sailing club for some bday cake and a steak dinner. yes, 'tis some good tell yer mudder! All this to say.... I haven't made anything to show ya. Oh wait, I did. I made a little shopping bag for my friend. I'll take a pic later and post it.

hungry kids are waiting.
Thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

who's got the button?

We are in button heaven here. After a trip to 3 Zellers, my visit to wallymart proved fruitful. So fruitful that I bought 2 bags o buttons. I mean really, 3 bucks for a bag of delight? Really. I just had to do it twice! And I don't like wasting sewing time to look for a product!
The kids were so excited when I opened the bag, my son gave up playing Wii tennis with his dad to sort and find treasures! We all have our piles on the 1st sort and will have another sort again tomorrow.
I have a new sewing project I've been requested to try and then I've designed a new bag in my head repurposing hubby's jeans. Which he reluctantly will give up when I hem his new ones. Seriously, his old ones have holes in the front leg from all the money he carries in his pockets! HARHARHARHARHAR I crack me up.

best be off to bed,
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Monday, June 15, 2009


Ok, so our full house is not so full anymore. We had 6 extra people here for a bit. It was great fun. It's always so nice when you find like minded parents and kids that get on well together. especially when you've met them for the first time!

So here is a great outside (or inside) activity. We did this when I looked after 2 extra kids for the day. 6 Silly kids playing in the yard. It was the perfect day with everyone sitting on blankets for a picnic lunch and much playing in the yard. Yeah summer!

ok, on to the goop....

I'm not sure of the correct ratio, but you take corn starch and add coloured water to it and mix. It is so cool. If you move it around, it's wet, you can pick it up, roll it into a ball, but when you stop, it falls into a wet mush. Really try it! And it washes off with only water. you don't even have to scrub. It was one of the 1st messy things I allowed my children to do at home.

here are a few tips:
Mix food colouring or paint into the water and pour it into the cornstarch.
Mix the coloured water with a utensil. If you mix it with your hands at this stage, you may get coloured hands.
Find things to put in the goop. We used the things from our frozen treasures of last year. Anything plastic, little things from kindereggs, keys, marbles, money, beads, decorative rocks from floral vases, foamie animals, plastic dinos, fish, you name it. It is all fun to bury and find. We also use strainers, tea balls, spoons, scoops. use your imagination. There was a goop covered pompom in the grass for a bit. it always took me off guard when I saw it, trying to figure out what it was....

Hoping to get back to some kind of creating routine. Got a coffee shop down the street that wants to sell my cup sleeves exclusively. Yeah!! Gotta make some of those. Gotta gotta finish the beach bag!!!!!!!! Off for a sailing regatta next week, then when school gets out, off to Portugal for 2 weeks!!!!!! We are so excited. I'll blog about it like I did last year.

busy busy. Hope you have nice weather to enjoy also!

Thanks for looking,

Friday, June 12, 2009


HI there,
We are entertaining company from Nova Scotia for the week, so nothing to show you. However, the ladies made some cards tonight. I'll take a few pics to show you.

Have a good weekend!

Monday, June 8, 2009

cup sleeve

I found this years gift for teachers on this great blog
http://houseonhillroad.typepad.com/ Love the ideas here.

I added a bag and put a matching pocket. I think anyone in Toronto would appreciate a trendy grocery bag and a matching cup cozy. Our mayor got a law passed that shoppers must pay 5 cents for each plastic bag at any retail store! I used to leave mine in the car, now I don't even leave the house without one, in case I run into a store.

Last week we went to a farmer's market. It's great around here. They are rotating. We can catch a market from Tuesday to Saturday within a 5-10 minute drive. Last week's visit was also at a farm, in the middle of the city. We took a lovely walk around and felt like we were in the country. In the middle of it all, Neve says, "mama, this is a great day!" And we have some pictures to show it! I would like to make a scrap page of this day,but I think i'll enlarge some of them to replace the 3 year old ones in our stairwell. :}

So this is my new obsession. Cup sleeves. Must go and finish a beach bag.

thanks for looking,

Friday, June 5, 2009

what is it????

Hey ho! Did you miss me? haha
No, not a card today,more sewing. I'm thinking of adding a new blog for sewing, but that would probably mean that this one would not be updated as much.
Here is a sneak peek at something I'mworking on. It's been on my to do list for some time and I had to work at it a bit. even though others have done it and said how to. i wanted it to be my own!

I've had good response from those who've seen it. I have an opportunity to sell some tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes. When i get it all together, I'll let ya know what it is.

Right now, I'moffto make those baby shower thank you cards. so yes, a card will be coming soon.

Thanks for looking,

Monday, June 1, 2009

a card! a card!!

That's how I feel today. i got a yucky head cold. I could feel it invade my head as I sang in church yesterday. My voice was bang on. it's a phenomenon singers enjoy for the few nano seconds it lasts. The sound you produce is resonating beautifully in the little sinus space you have left before WHAM! the cold strikes. Anyhow, you would not want to see me right now. or hear me, or witness the sneezing, runny nose, hacking... you get the drift.
But hey!! I got to stamp!

My cousin in law is having a baby shower in her honour this weekend. Since I don't get prezzies for the baby until it is born, I came up with a solution not to come empty handed... thank you notes for the shower gifts. I did this previously and it was a hit. So here is another try. Still thinking about this one. I may have some baby things that will fit in the circle. Will play more later....
thanks for looking,