Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Neve wore a red dress, red dress, red dress....

Do you know that children's song?
Here is a snap of the dress I've made. i still have to do the hem and sew in the snaps. I'm too lazy to line up button holes and also the overstitch on the bodice.

But I did make my own buttons!!! And they turned out perfectly. I used the SU scallop punch on shrink art plastic and coloured it with white pencil. Cut the petals and put holes with my cropadile. They even turned out the same size. how cool is that?

Now I'm on the scout for more fabric. The regular fabric places I used to haunt are no more.... And to find really cool graphic, colourful fabric, I have to go downtown. ACK. I hate going downtown and trying to find parking. We'll see what happens.

Hope you're having a sunny day. It's rainy, rainy, rainy here. But we had another wonderful day yesterday with dinner at the sailing club. The kids just love it there and I can crochet. lol

Thanks for looking,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

another cupcake

Here I am between masses at church, hooked into their wi-fi. Our phone line is down at home! Oh the horror! the horror!! I have to go home to no internet! gasp! LOL Hope the rain stops so we can go outside.

here's another cupcake card I made for our choir director. It was the 1st one I made of the cupcake designs. The card base is from Ikea. The cupcake is one I drew and cut out. The candle is from Michael's. Numbers is cuttlekids die.

That's about it. Looking forward to sewing Neve's dress tomorrow. May even get to it today at nap time. The kids spent the whole day from 9:30-7pm at the sailing club yesterday. Everyone is a little wiped today. We had weather from sunny and fine to raging wind storms where the boats were all blowing over on shore and there were big crashing waves and swirls of water on the lake. Leaves blowing in huge gusts! Quite an event. My husband went out in the motor boat to rescue two sailors that got caught in the storm. Yes, quite the adventure!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

it's a shoe thing

Well, this is a little different for me.
I pulled out this kraft and black card base from Ikea (purchased a long time ago) and added the white accents. I was planning on making a congrats on your new home card, but it wasn't workin' for me. The next day, I pulled out some chipboard pieces I had and the sentiment from Stamping Bella.

Added a bit of clear ribbon and rhinestone brads on my nestabilities ovals and there ya go.

It's a beauty day here. Off to the sailing club later for a BBQ. Tis sailing season. that means Amandaseason is almost over. lol
I've been blurfing other types of blogs lately and have been hit by the sewing bug. So last night, I went fabric shopping and am making a dress for Miss Neve. I realized that I'm also in a red mood. I bought 2 other outfits in red for her. Could I be growing out of my brown favoured mood? I have a tote bag pattern and a skirt pattern for me. Hope I get to sew it all.

thanks for looking,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

glitter cupcakes anyone?

Here is a fun card I came up with....(one of 4 I made yesterday. yeah!)

I've had my eye on various cupcake dies, but there is always something that I don't like about them. So I cut out my own last night. Pre-glittered paper is my friend! I have to get more colours. The cupcake liner is pre-corrugated paper. you could use a paper crimper. The candle is from Michael's. It said it was fence pickets, but when I saw it, I thought CANDLES! I coloured them with markers.

The numbers are Cuttlekids. I have to shim it a bit to make it work in my cuttlebug. I wanted a birthday number, but already on hand, so I made it a twenty something? Heck, I'll settle for thirty something. Flattery. What else? Oh yes, the cuttlebug dots embossing folder for the middle patch and the card base is a premade one from Target I bought a long time ago. Looks as if I had matching brads too. score! It comes with pink, so I covered the pink dots for the boy card. And finally, the sentiment is from the buck 50 bin at Michael's.

Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

for the love of buttons....

I expanded on an idea I did for a previous card. But I think this one has too much goin' on. I sent it anyway!

Been playing a little and just casing a few things. Need to get the creative juices flowing again. I really want to sew something. Just need to get out and have a browse.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sympathy card

This card fulfilled my need for a sympathy card. The stamp set is retired from SU, Mostly Flowers and the background swirl is from Baroque motifs.

I stamped the image, punched it with Marvy square punch and then put it in a cuttlebug embossing folder. One of the mini frame ones. All colours are Su except the green, Spring moss from Papertrey ink. Remember them before the shipping became too much to order from them? I'm saving to place an order. So want so many things. The spring moss paper is punched with Martha Stewart punch. Sentiment is also SU.

Thanks for looking,

Monday, April 20, 2009

crochet pins

Are ya tired of the crochet flowers yet? I have 2 cards done, just need to take a pic of them. It's rainy here today, so I'll wait until tomorrow. Until then... more flowers. I've had this design for awhile, but didn't want to make them into zipper pulls. One of the moms in my group came in with a floppy hatted kid. It just screamed, "pin me! pin me!" Attached a pin, as you can see in the yellow flower above, and voila, another project.

thanks for looking,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

window hanging

YES! It worked! When I originally set out to make window hangers, I went the tough way. Bought thick glass, glass cutter,used my DH's soldering machine etc. Then, as Christmas approached and I was not gaining skill quick enough, I rethunk (I know it's not proper english, just sounded good) my projects and came up with an easier solution. I bought microscope slides and just used the copper foil as a tape. SO, I wanted to do this project with more than just Christmas ornaments.

My friend's bday is tomorrow,so I took out the materials again to come up with something spring like.

I'm so happy it worked out! I used the little punches from Friskars. Actually, I don't think they are. My mother in law brought them back from the Philippines, so I think they aren't. The little bunny in the grass is Martha Stewart, the white bunny is from the mini punch set. The leaves are from Quickutz. This whole idea came from the dragonfly.My friend likes dragonflies. Did you know that they are not a hot item right now? can't find any dragonfly things about. The centres of the flowers are from the smallest hole in the cropadile. I covered a 3rd piece of slide with glue pad and dazzling diamonds for a bit more bling.

The hook is from Walmart's Christmas collection. I'm so regretting not getting more of the gold ones.I have 2 packs of silver, only 5 more gold. Back to the drawing board. I had these beads left out from my previous butterfly project and they fit on the hook. Way cool!

anyhow, hope you like. I will definitely be making more of this sort of thing. I already have another idea to flip it on it's side.

Thanks for looking,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter place tags

How much food can a person consume in 3 days? And how much can a person sing in 4 days? I think I hit my limit in all of it. Today, I'm kind of down for the count. I taught this morning and now am feeling ill. I don't usually get sick, today, it's my turn. I have visions of my hot turkey sandwich smothered in gravy, ketchup and vinegar, but know I will regret eating it. All the faster to get better. Now on to my Easter place tags..

I had geat visions for these tags. To hang them from the glassware by using an earring. Alas, time got away from me and I was finishing them in the car on the way there! Each tag got less and less exciting. By the time we got there, my tag had a bit of ribbon and a few dots! lol

The rabbits inthe grass punch is from Martha Stewart. Sentiment is from a 2nd hand sale.

Off to snooze..
thanks for looking and reading the drivel.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Just a quick post, I'm off to sing again. It's a long one tonight. And my feet are so sore from my boots. :} I've been wearing heeled boots when I sing since I started there 4 years ago. On the few occasions where I wore flats, I feel too short at the podium and end up singing on my tip toes.lol
Anyhow, on to what you're here for...

I made a bunch of these to give to some of the clergy and choiristers. that's why there are different colours.

Once cool technique was to stamp the cross in white on vellum. Then I turned it over and used my crochet hook (or stylus) to outline the image. this image was easy to do, as it was a double lined image. As you can see, it makes it look embossed.

Thanks for looking and hope the Easter bunny finds your house tonight!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter kid's craft

Ever wonder what to do with all of your punched out left overs?

Use them for kid's crafts.

I got this idea from another blog, I'll get the name later. I'm out the door..
Edited to add: Here is the great blog I got the idea from: http://4crazykings.blogspot.com/2009/04/youre-craftastic.html
I used clear mac-tac. Do you love the texture to it? It's a pineapple "print"

I just folded the mactac with the protective sheet still on and cut out the egg. Peel one side, let the kids decorate and then put the top layer on.

I used an eyelet on the top and put ribbon in it.

Hey! Guess what?? A 2 year old kid can fit this up their nostril!

Yep, we had to cut our crafting a little short today. She stuck it up her nose. We made a trip to the Dr and she pulled it out with tweezers. Here's a tip the doc was telling her student. i don't know if I would try it myself...
If there is something round that is blocking the nostril, put a straw up the other nostril, close their mouth and blow thru the straw. The thing should come out. As I said, i wouldn't mess with that myself, just in case.

With this being Easter week, I'll be living at the church most of the week. Being the cantor at this time of year is a glorious thing. I don't foresee any papercrafting for a bit, but I do need to make place tags for the Easter dinner table. I think last count was 19!! SO I will post those once they are made.

Thanks for looking and keep the little bits away from the youngin's!!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

home in my arms

My daughter is a snuggler. Always wanting "tuddles". When we're out in the morning, we make it half way thru before she puts her thumb in her mouth and her hand up my sleeve or shirt, depending on what I'm doing. So I stop what I'm doing and have some "tuddle time" I know it won't last forever, so I go with it.

The swirl is chipboard painted white. Script is, "No matter where we are, in my arms you are always home."

I cut out the circle in the brown paper and wanted to use the Friskar's circle lace punch. I couldn't work it correctly, so I used my corner punch around the edge for a little scallop. that changed the flow for the rest of the layout.
The flowers are double sided stickers that I glittered with martha Stewart. Man oh man, I can't believe I used so much of it and had it flying everywhere. Guess my glitter fear is in the past. The house is Maya Road, I painted the back white and used the stickers for the house parts. Buttons from the buck store and the home letters from a pack from Wal mart. Bird from Prima.
Maybe one day I'll make a page of her without pink. I've been informed that her favorite colour is purple, thank you very much. :} So now my wall has her bright pink page and Rafael's cool blue page.

Thanks for looking,

Friday, April 3, 2009

button tree and crochet flowers

i did it! I got to create today. And what a rainy day it is here! Sorry for the dull pics. there is no happy light here today.

papertrey ink had a challenge to use buttons this week. I LOVED Maggie Holmes' scrap page with buttons on the tree and the white and black outlines. http://maggieholmes.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/03/vintage-button-basics.html
I used it as a starting point. And I love her style. She packs a whole bunch in a little space.

The sentiment on the photo is from Creative memories. I just painted some white under it. The orange butterfly is a new one from Quickutz. The blue one on the bottom is Martha Stewart punch. i punched it on vellum also and used my cropadile to make the holes in it to mimic the QK one. Oh yes, the grass. LOVE this package of goodies also. Michael's- K&Company. It has a bout 6 different borders- bubbles, waves, alphabet, train with cute animals in it, gumdrops.... I could see myself using all of it, but really liking the grass one at present. i added the white to it.

Buttons are from my stash from Walmart and Zellers. The flowers are my own. So nice to just pick 'em out when I need them. I sewed the stems.

I forgot to take a pic of the text bock on top. It says...
" I don't recall what the issue was, but you weren't very happy with me. In this pensive looking picture, you were ignoring me! Exploring the world beneath your feet."

Hoping I stay awake tonight to do the page of Miss Neve. I have 2 frames on my wall that help get me creating new scrap pages to change up the scenery.

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hi there...
I got nuthin' fer ya today!

I've been in a spring cleaning mood. Getting into little nooks and crannies in the house. I started on my stamping room. It is an attic room with the walls lined with stuff. So a tackled a wall and threw out 4 boxes of things. DH even dumped a box of old t-shirts that never saw his back. Ahhhh. purge. feels good. I haven't been back up there since i had to put the kids to bed in the middle of it all. I'm afraid to go up. lol But, I have 2 scrap pages I want to get done, so I'll be back with something soon.

Thanks for checking in.