Monday, February 27, 2012

another doll coat

Remember this coat?

Well, I made one in red. For a birthday present.

This one is for a smaller doll. All i did was cut some length off the bottom and the sleeves.

And a purse of course! The fancy stitch is something from my machine. I think it's a stretch stitch for stretchy fabrics.

Made from a repurposed wool coat. The pretty blue and red coat fabrics are practically all gone. I just bought a camel coloured one to make a few more coats.
Have a good one.

Friday, February 24, 2012

red sock, bluey greeny sock

I finished my red pair of socks

Then I promptly started a new one in this varigated wool.

It's so much fun. Now to start the next one and to really knit the pair I want to. Self striping yarn. whoot.

Salvation Army Thrift shop had a 50% off sale today. So of course, me and my ladies had to go!
Some good sweaters were had....

Can you see this as a few pairs of mittens? The colours are not showing true. There is a bit of neon yellow in there which throws me off, but I'm sure it will be fine in a mitten.

And I just HAD to get this awesome fabric. It is in the shape of a scrub shirt. The front has pockets, but the back is all plain. No interruptions. It will be fun to make a kid's toy with this one.

Have a good one,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

scrap bunting

Today's guest tutorial is by Rafael.

The scrap bunting

First you pick out your basket of square scraps.

Lift the foot, put your square like a diamond and sew.

When you get to the end, lift the foot and put a new square in. Put the foot down and sew again.

Keep adding squares.

Keep feeding more in until ...

you get a lot.

Then you can hang them up or wear them!

This project has been an easy, successful one for my boy who wants to sew on the machine. And the other thing that makes it a success is my new machine.
I've taught him how to sew on my old machine. It was quite the process of turning the wheel, making sure the needle was always down before you turned the fabric to go around a corner. AND, don't forget to lift the foot first. This time, my machine makes it easier with an option of having the needle end up or down. Every time. So now, he just has to lift the foot and slip the new square in.
Also, the 3 speed variables is great for learning. No worrying about sewing into the fingers with a heavy foot. On the slow setting, the kids can get a feel of the machine and to control the fabric as it goes through. Half way through making 4 of these strings of squares, he increased the speed as his confidence grew.

Another great thing about this project, it is easy and enticing enough for his sister to want to make one for her friend. And while I'm writing this, he's teaching her. ahhhhh, hear that? 2 kids getting along. Creating, sharing, teaching and learning. How nice is that for a Saturday afternoon?

Now, if I can just find something else for them to do. I miss my machine.


Friday, February 17, 2012

flower of play clay

Today, my post is by guest artist, Neve:


1. With some playdough, roll a perfect worm.

2. Then you push the dough down at the sides. You can make it a double edged flower by turning the worm over and pressing it down also.

3. Then push at the side to roll it and push it tight.

There, now you have a flower. You can roll a smaller worm if you wish to use as a stem.

Make a bunch in different colours for a whole bouquet.

Thank you for looking,

Monday, February 13, 2012

one red sock

After a bit of a stall, I finished my sock. And I did the toe decrease by reading the pattern without assistance. Yep, I'm proud of that little thing.

There are so many holes, extra rows of knit instead of purl on the ribbed top

but I don't care. It is a learning process for me. The heel was fun and the merging of it with the rest of the sock. See, I don't even know the lingo.

It fits. If you call a sock sliding around your foot fitting. Maybe a little bath will help.

I think Neve likes it too.

And it fits in my boot. Oh, that hole on the top, it's to hold my pencil.

Just wondering, should I finish the pair with the other sock, or knit up a new pair with some self striping wool I have in my stash? hmmmm, what do you suggest?

Edit to add: I have indeed started the 2nd sock upon the suggestion of my tutor. :} I figure, I'll go this one alone and see what I do or don't remember. Then my rainbow one will be perfect. I probably won't even wear them, I'm a little sensitive to bumps on the bottom of my feet. As someone said to me, "I think there's a story about that. There's this pea, they put under a load of mattresses." To which I replied, "yes, the secret is out, You may now address me as your highness!"

I'm off to a tutorial this afternoon at the Sewer's World, where i bought my machine. I'm going to learn about all the stitches and tricks of the machine.
Of course i'll share!


Friday, February 10, 2012

yummy cinnamon twists

drooling yet? I spied this bread thing over on I'm a Mom, not a Professional Drool drool drool
We made it last night. But i was dreaming of it as a breakfast, snacky thing instead of savory. Turns out, she got the recipe here at Just Love Cookin and it appears to be such the thing. Here's my pictorial homage to it, the sliced bread roll:
Roll out dough, I used my bread machine pizza dough recipe, which will be at the end of this post.

I melted brown sugar and cinnamon in butter. I don't think i would do this next time. it's in the oven enough to melt on it's own. Maybe. Spread it over the dough.

Roll it length wise. Please note: I only used half of the dough I made. The others look like they used the whole thing, hence, the multi layers of cut goodness that mine is lacking.

Cut the roll all the way through, length wise.

Twist them together with the cut side exposed.

Shape it into a ring. Place on pan and let it rise.

I brushed it with milk. This made the top brown too quickly before the rest was done. I put foil on top to cut down on the browning. Not a Professional one uses an egg wash. Much better.
With the other half of the dough, I made 2 little bread buns to bake for supper accompaniment.

And with the magic of internet, bing. all cooked.

And here's my twist. So yummy.

I transferred it out of the baking pan into another one before the gooey bottom got hard and sticky. Smart choice, otherwise, You'll be need to chisel the bottom off of the pan.

Here's the bread dough recipe:

1 1/2 cups of water. (Sometimes the flour needs more or less moisture. Depends on the season and where you live)
1 Teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoons of sugar
1.5 tablespoons of olive oil
3 cups of flour
1 teaspoon of bread machine yeast.

Use the dough setting for 1.5 lb bread.

When I use it as pizza dough, I'll add some powdered garlic, 1 tsp cornmeal and 1 tsp Newfoundland savoury ( much like oregano, only not).

try it, so yummy.

I have a feverish girlie who finally fell asleep. Nice day of hanging out and my girlfriends came for tea and a more sock knitting lessons. Now I can get around my stalled heel and get closer to a toe!

Have a good weekend,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little blue pea coat

I bought Neve a long, black pea coat of sorts after Christmas. She loves it because it is what fashion girls wear.
Then I bought one, a red one, because, you know, I wanted to be cool too.
And then, the Neve doll needed one. Of course. In blue.

Now they can go out in style.

I think it's a simplicity pattern. The fabric came from a 2nd hand wool coat.

The buttons came from a wool sweater that has found a new life as a pair of mittens.

Much fun, easy to do, and I can't wait to make another, in red. Collar will be better next time.

I think she likes it.

Friday, February 3, 2012

mini mum felt clips

I saw this tutorial on Craftiness is Not optionala bit ago and have been waiting until I could try it out.

I made them smaller. Considerably smaller than the headband size she made. My measurement was 1 inch by 4 for the hairclip flowers.

This was the first I made which is a little bigger. For a pony tail elastic.

This is the barrette size on an elastic for small pig tails or pony.

very fun to make and make for a bit of happy with those colours!

Have a great weekend,