Saturday, December 8, 2007

tree huntin'

So we finally got our tree today. Was fun. We've been going to the same Boy Scout lot for 3 years now. Ah, the fresh smell of evergreens.
Here is the family... Don't you just love the concentration on Rafael's face as he trims the tree? An little Neve is growing so fast. let's all say it together.. "ahh"

The decorations are from Ikea about 2 years ago. Just a burst of colour! Cmaera flash was into overkill. We decided to go the child friendly route when Rafael was into the getting into everything stage. Thanks goodness, b/c Neve is now at that stage also. We have a bag of our collectable and treasured ornaments which we will add to the tree on the upper portion.

Sorry no pics again today. Got another call for another order. Have to go to work now. Off to my room. Oh lovely room. lol
Thanks for looking,

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