Thursday, March 3, 2011

Piggy ball

Here's the piggy ball.

This time I wet felted the ball. First, I needle felted the shape of it. Adding layers like needle felting,but not making them so tight and dense.

And here is the after I wet felted it. It did shrink a bit.

After it dried, it wasn't as dense as the needle felted one. I think i prefer the denser ball.
Little piggy tail.

And with the ears on the top.

And the happy piggy. At least, I think he is. Is that his tongue sticking out?

Here's the post on the doggie ball
and theowl ball

This happened on the weekend. I have a scrapbook page in mind for this one. Imagine, me with a scrapbook page in my mind! It's been a long time since that happened. Just need to clear the sewing clutter off my desk to make room for paper, scissors and glue!

Have a good one,
Oh, False alarm on the computer breakdown. I just plugged it in, closed the cover and did a little heekeejeekee dance around it.
And pressed the power button for a long time. It made weird sounds and then powered up!. Hurrah! But hubby still thinks it's on it's last legs. shhhh.


momma rae said...

your little balls are so cute! i LOVE your computer mojo. i will have to try that next time. ;)

K said...

Wow. You are really good. I'd seen balls like this - where? On Peace Fleece's site and on etsy. Your work is so solid - and charming. I think I'm getting needle-envy, actually. I've done a little and want to do more, but it scares me. And wet felting - ummm - got me wet. Both these balls of yours I've seen are great. woo-hoo!