Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Teacher's Pet???

My son starts junior Kindergarten tomorrow. He's a little indifferent about it. His piano lesson went well today. As I predicted, he was very shy at 1st, but he answered a question and then there was no stopping him:} I hope he has a good day tomorrow.
Here is a gift I made for his teacher. DH thinks I'm making him a teacher's pet on the 1st day!

I saw on someone's blog (sorry, I don't remember who) a little jar they decorated and put funky shaped paper clips in it for the teacher. So my mind went working and this is what I came up with.

The labels on the bottles are done with black shrink art and white ink. Then a little bling on the ends.

The bottles are from Ikea and the treats inside are from staples and the Dollar Store. The book and apple image is also from a Dollar Store in Nova Scotia. I bought it last year.

I'm so excited about my watercolouring. My Uncle and I are going to take a course over the fall. The last time we did that, I was mucho pregger's with my 1st born. So I should enjoy it a little more this time. Or at least be more comfortable.
here is a close up of it....

Must get to bed. Big day tomorrow.

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