Saturday, February 26, 2011

owl ball

I needle felted a ball for a little toddler I know.
Disclaimer: crappy photos from my phone

just added layers of roving and needle felting each layer.

There are a lot of layers. When it was big enough, I thought to make an animal out of it. This one is supposed to be an owl. I only had 10 minutes to work on it as we were late for the party.

I want to make another as a dog. Stay tuned. This has a bit of bounce to it, which was a surprise. The little boy loved it.

I think next time I'll try to wet felt the final layer. I don't feel as I 'lived' with this toy long enough before I gave it away. But now that it was made, I can do another. Why not try it? I heard wool balls are also good to use as dryer balls to help with static?

thanks for looking,


eidolons said...

We use ours as dryer balls. They, in theory, help the clothes dry faster as well.

Also, great cat toys. It's amazing how multi-purpose they are. (:

W-S Wanderings said...

Of COURSE he loved it! I started making one a few years ago, but got annoyed with the process and how long it was taking. But I was wet-felting. Yours is all done by needle? Perhaps that is the answer. Whatever the case, owls and balls - what's not to love?!

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Hi :) I just happened across your blog tonight and thought I'd mention that we used them as dryer balls as well. I find they really help with the static and if you have enough of them going in the dryer with your clothes they actually cut down on the drying time to :) Another nice thing is that you can drop some of your favorite essential oils onto the ball and they will scent your laundry as it dries to :) Love your owl!

K said...

And another one. It's a creature-ball festival. Now Rosy tells me they're practical, too. I am charmed.