Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sewing for me!

It must be an annual thing. When looking for this post,
I saw that it was March 10. Almost a year ago. To the day.

Last night, in denial of more snow, I decided I wanted something new to wear. At 8:30 at night, the easiest thing to do was to make something. :} I had this fabric for a few years with this top in mind. So it happened. And no problems.

I love making plackets. Not hard at all. I did make the red/blue/flower one I spoke of last year. With lots of tribulations. So this time, I folded the pattern pieces a little smaller. Did the trick. It's still a little tenty to me, but it's just helping to hide the new body I'm sculpting at the gym in time for a late spring reveal! BWAHAHAHA. And I had meant to make it a little longer. Alas, distractions while cutting nixed that one. As such, I didn't bother to hem it. Just a serge. Oh, and I made the placket much shorter. The previous one, I had to sew it together. This time, it's just right.

There's movie snow out there. With the forecast calling for 8 degrees tomorrow, I don't think it will last. oh well.
Time for spring.

Have a good one,

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