Sunday, March 27, 2011

WIP Sunday

Today was a nice Sunday. at home. well, in the afternoon. But it seemed timeless. Do you have days like that? everyone is together, but doing their own thing, weaving in and out of each other's activities? Oh and do you have a husband that makes bread for you on demand?! :} Smells good. Thanks babe. Tip though, don't use bread machine yeast to make oven bread. it takes too long to rise. A little dense, but it still smells and tastes good.
hmm, where was I?
I sat and made a few needle felted balls today to be wet felted in the washer. I had a few in some pantyhose and was interrupted by a surprise visit from a good friend. *see note below*. Now I can't find said pantyhose and don't have anymore. Project on hold!

I noticed the quilt in this photo. I haven't shown you before. It deserves a post all it's own. The nanny I had when I was 2-3 years old made this for me when I got married. It's hand stitching is amazing. And she made quilts for my children when they were born also. Hand stitching to swoon for. But another post eh?

My friend Michele stitched up and even teenier baby for the baby.

See how small it is? And squeezable.

Opps, look who jumped in the basket!

*this is the note below*
My friend Jenny from Jennifer Blaauw Photography came for a short visit. Which meant that she and my camera were in the same room at the same time!!!!! So she showed me some camera tricks. Not really tricks. Just how I could use the dang thang. So hopefully, I will have some clear photos until I can get outside to take them. Did I mention we were dumped with snow last week? Snow? how odd it is a night to have bright sunny skies and snow at 7:30 pm. Kiddie bed time keeps getting later and later.
Thanks Friend! so nice to see you.


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