Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm blushing

Really. Anna, who won my blog giveaway in the new year, finally received her package in Australia. Guess it takes that long. She was very complimentary in her post about it.
Go and see what she did with the pouch. Some adorable creatures live there.
Anna Branford

Oh, and some not so nice news...
my computer is kaput!
I came home, it was frozen. Shut it down and now it won't come back on. I'll have to leave the diagnosis for my techie husband. (thank goodness I married a geek). But I'm not too hopeful. It's the 2nd time it died. He revived it with some new parts the 1st time. Let's cross fingers he can work his magic again.
So, no pictures right now. and I have a cute little piggy, a leather pouch and a felted wool sweater flower brooch to show you.... i've been busy.

have a good one,

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Shannon said...

Sometimes the mail is faster..maybe they sent it by seamail? My computer does that too...still plodding along tho!