Thursday, March 17, 2011

sweater bonanza

Day 4 of March Break and all is well. We've been busy, so we're taking a lazy morning before heading out.
Yesterday, we headed here...

I mean here.

To pick up 3 bags of this...!!!!!

For free!! It's from a local designer here Thanks Jenn!
And when you do a load of this laundry, you get this...

An explosion of dryer lint! :}
Many ideas in my head for the sweater ribbing and scraps. Now to get some time to actually make them.
We're having a field trip to the optometrist! oooh. Neve asked, "when I have my eye infection, will it be in upper case?"
After a few careful questions, I realized that she was asking if the reading chart was going to be in upper case letters at her eye appointment. Then Rafael asked my uncle how they make the letters blurry. Maybe the blurry uppercase letters have an infection? From the mouth of babes, from the mouth of babes. (shaking my head and laughing)

Have a good one.

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