Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wool Flowers

In a bit of Thrifty Thursday news, my quest to score on wool sweaters this week paid off. I still would like red, orange and yellow, but I'll take the ones I have thank you.
And from them....

Happy, spring, wool flowers. They come from the book Fun to Wear- Fabric Flowers It's the flower on the cover.

The purple flower is made from felt. I have an idea for these as hair clip holder.
Speaking of such, here's my interpretation of a Hair clip holder:

I love how I made the leaves out of the ribbon.

So there are another few reasons to dig into this stash.

Last night, I had the most wonderful dream. Before going to bed, I went on the website Colours of Australiaand read the Papoose story. I wandered around Nepal and Mexico with her and then wandered around Thailand in a friend's blog. So last night, I wandered around these wonderfully amazing places on earth. And it keeps coming back to my mind today. Which is rather nice, considering I woke up to some surprise snow. Well, a surprise to me. As my son stated, " I knew it was going to snow. The Wii said so. The Wii is smart" So there you go. Listen to the Wii.

Have a good one,


TwigandToadstool said...

just beautiful! I have a bunch of felted sweaters in my stash that may just have a future now as felted flowers!
xo maureen

Bailey said...

haha... C always finds out the weather before we do. "It said so on the Wii." :)