Thursday, March 31, 2011

wet felting beads

Today was the day for wet felting some beads.
1st you have to chose a willing assistant.

Beads have been previously needlefelted.

Warm soapy water, towel, fish dish with some extra dishsoap and a tray to catch all the drips.

With such little balls, I just use warms soapy water in the bowl. The kids can put their hands in it without it being too hot. And I add the soap in the water.

Let them dip and roll.(I love the little bit of chub she has in her hands, even though she has spouted up and lost it elsewhere)

I also made some large balls with the intent for them to be dryer balls. Just let me say that I'm not pleased with the wool dryer ball. They don't take the static away. And here, in the winter, there is a lot of static. It's very dry. even just this past week was dry. I got shocked taking the clothes out of the dryer, shaking the clothes from the dryer to get rid of the static and shocked folding the clothes. Too much electricity for me. think I'll go back to my fabric sheets until it's a little more humid.

So I did a little needle felting to see how it would felt in the washer.

Not bad. Guess what the one on the far left is going to be?!

Oh, and I have very itchy, sore palms from the little ones. But worth it. Wait till you see what I'm going to make!


1 comment:

Bailey said...

im guessing the far left one is going to be...... a sock monkey dryer ball?? :) hehe