Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday finds

As Thrifty Thursday usually happens on Friday, I'll change the title. Hence Friday Finds.
I bought this beauty about a month ago. So excited.

How many times did I try to bring a cuppa tea and a snack upstairs and balance it all with a project I had downstairs? Fight no longer. From what I can tell, it's handmade. The coaster is stuck to the tray. nice. I did break it a few days ago, but I have a husband who is a fixer. Double nice.

I also decided that I want to trade my boring Canadian Tire mugs (store in Canada) to pottery mugs. The wee one is for the Missy Moo. The others are not hand made, but I like 'em. Especially the one with the tea in it. Yes, my tea is usually that weak when I have orange pekoe. I like to bless the cup with the tea bag rather than have it steeping for hours.

While I'm on the tea mug thing, here's another score from a shop. Brand new in box..
JoeMo travel tea mug What's so special about it? Many things. It's a thermos, so I load it up, put the cover on and throw it in my bag. No more saving a hand to carry it. It stays hot. It's a bit of a doesn't cool down. I'm used to preparing super hot tea and letting it cool down on the way to school. Then I enjoy it. With this mug, it doesn't cool down, so I have to wait longer. No biggie, just an adjustment. The drinking lid is a push down button so that you can drink it from any part, not just a hole in the edge. And the best part of has a tea leaf basket! Since I buy flavoured tea as loose leaf tea, I can put the leaves in the basket, pour the water in, put the cover on and let it brew. Then dump the leaves when it is steeped. Bonus. I have to say.. it is THE best travel mug I have ever had. check it out.
Hmm, think I'll put the kettle on. Wanna cuppa?



TwigandToadstool said...

I've been wanting to ditch my Canadian tire mugs as well, (for some nice ceramic ones), I'm just waiting until the kids are a little older and I don't have to worry about breakage!
xo maureen

Anonymous said...

What a stunning find! I love ceramic, but it's so expensive (though worth it!) and not that easy to find in my little town. But thrifting a piece like this would make it even better! The coaster being attached to the plate, now that's cleaver! I'm also in favor for ditching the Canadian Tire mugs :)


Rebecca said...

I'm always breaking things. Good to know that pottery can be fixed, though, 'cause I too LOVE pottery! What did your husband use to fix it?