Saturday, March 19, 2011

tea pot cosy

When I got the confirmation that this was available to me,

I had visions of this tea pot cosy. It's the back.

Here's the front. It's not quite as I imagined it. I'll do that one another time. Instead, this creation came about.

Hoping it will fit the pot I made it for. I think it's a little bigger than mine. I cut out the shape of the cosy on an old dress, then sewed the sweater ribbing directly on the fabric. I didn't line it. I figured the wool on it's own would keep the pot warm. I'll let you know.



Anonymous said...

so does it work without the lining?
I love the colour combo!

Rebecca said...

So gorgeous!! I want to try this. I'd better buy another teapot first, though...I cracked my last one. :( Thanks for the great idea!