Saturday, March 12, 2011

marker holders

Here is a marker roll up holder and a pencil case. I decided to go "fancy" on it and try a little quilting.

Why? I'm not a quilter. the sooner I realize that, the better it will be. I know there must be tricks out there to make it faster. I'm just schlepping around, wasting time. Anyhow, I love the colour combo. I didn't realize I had that many turquoise fabrics.

I wanted the strips to be staggered. I made a square instead of a rectangle, so had to cut it and sew it as a rectangle. There goes the staggered strips. How 'bout that nice even seam down the middle! :}

Anyhow, I like the overall effect and have learned a few tips for next time should there be one. And another birthday present made and given. I should keep a tally.

And today we discovered that daddy has a talent for face painting....

Not bad eh?

Have a good one.


about a girl said...

Cool! I need to make something similar for my three part cards. I experimented making pockets with different things but in the end I think sewing them would is the best option.
Great job on the face painting!

Anonymous said...

I think that your hubby has a natural gift. Sign him up for face painting at the next FUN FAIR!!