Friday, March 25, 2011

wool dryer balls

I finally made some dryer balls. It was so easy!

And smooth. Usually, I needlefelt balls. This time, I took almost my 2 arms length of roving, rolled with with a bit of needle felting to help shape it and them put them in the pantyhose with a tie between each one. Do not use wool to tie it, or the wool will felt. I had some elastic on hand and used that.

I set the machine to a Hot/Cold cycle and let it do all the work. How nice is that?

I was amazed at how smooth they were. No little bits of wool sticking out anywhere. Not fuzzy, just smooth. The grey ones are my favorite. They remind me of worn beach rocks. Sadly, they were given away. The other balls are a gift also. Maybe I'll make some for me to try.

Why don't you?


Gae said...

Dear Amanda,
Great idea thanks for sharing.
I love visitng crafty blogs. Followed you recently to keep up to date.
Love you to visit my blog too

Bailey said...

awesome! :)They are really nice, too.

Cheryl said...

I use this method to make beads and other felted stuff, but I've never thought to make felted dryer balls. Now I'm intrigued. I shall be giving this a go. Only difference is that I tie a knot in the pantyhoses instead of using a tie.