Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tea pot trivet

Continuing on the tea theme... (really, how many posts do you want to read about tea? this is number 3 this week)
A trivet had to be made to match the tea pot cozy from a few days ago. (yes, the wool keeps the pot warm without having to make a lining. yeah)

Not quite what I had in mind. But it will do. I do know though, that when it is washed, it will fall apart. shhhh, I haven't told the recipient that yet! It's for the parenting centre where we frequent. Luckily, I can make a new one or fix it up. I should have sewn the seams twice with the zigzag to make sure the ends were solidly attached. This time, I used a mylar batting thing they make for oven mitts and such in the middle.

Oh, and I took the twill off the top and replaced it with a felted cube and little bead on top. Both bought at Deserres.

So, ready for some crappy phone photos tomorrow of my newly made dryer balls?

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