Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How much is that doggie in the window?

The one with the waggly tai-a-a-a-ail! C'mon everyone join in....
How much is that doggie in the window? I sure hope that doggie's for sale!

Another needle felted ball, just bigger than a tennis ball. It's felted very firmly and it has good bounce.

It's so nice to see them come to life. I wonder if I should add a bell or something inside, but there are 2 reasons I'm still on the fence about it:
1) it's harder to felt around a bell or shaker maker
2) I want them to be pure. just wool, nothing else. Oh, and a lot of elbow work.

The ball is not all the outside colour. Rather than use up all of a certain colour, I take a few strips of colours to make the ball, then wrap the required colour on the top in a few layers.

Next up, a pink ball waiting to be a piggy come to life!
Stay tuned.

have a good one,


Cheryl said...

Too cute for words!

anna said...

Absolutely adorable! I second the pure-wool-no-bells preference. A few local shops stock the work of an amazing crafter who makes perfect, pure wool knitted cakes and donuts and cookies. I've so often picked one up to buy, heard a metallic jingle and put it down again! I don't think I can really explain why...I suppose it just detracts from the lovely naturalness of these kinds of things.

Gramerly said...

How stinkin' cute. I get kinda get that food would be weird with a jingle, but a cutest puppy might have a jingle-or not.
Isn't it weird the satisfaction you get from the feel of wool roving. Love it.