Friday, March 4, 2011

Leather pouch

I was given a pile of leather samples awhile back. Quite awhile back. Finally started to think about it. Hardest part was trying to remember to buy a machine needle for leather. When I asked what made the needle special, I was shown that it is slanted on the end more like a knife than an even point. No problems sewing with it.

I crocheted a flower and the blue bird is cut from pair of thrifted suede shorts with my QuicKutz die. Just let me say that the die didn't cut through the suede. Maybe if I take out the thin foam that is on it. It did leave an indentation, so I finished cutting it out with scissors.
And lastly, so sorry for the poorly focused pictures. I don't know what the problem is. Could be the poor lighting and the slow aperture or the lens, or just me. But even the auto mode is blurry. I really need to address this. It's driving me nuts.

have a great weekend.


K said...

So, here I am - backat'cha! The very best machine in the world for leather is one of those little ancient black Singers. I actually owned one, once. My mom bought it for me in college at a garage sale. And I ended up parting with it very easily because it was so old fashioned (idiot that I am). The shaft is straight, not angled, so you get far more power behind the point. That and a leather needle and you can rule the world.

I read that you should be able to cut through felt, anyway, with a quickcut, but i think you have to put something on the back side of the die to lower the cutting edge. Suede may just be too tough, though.

But you came up with a pretty dang charming product.

I don't know what to tell you about the focus. I've had that happen a little, too, lately. At first, I was thinking thyristor, but that shouldn't make any diff on auto-focus. Of course low light and open aperture will be problematic (Oh, brother, don't know I know that?). In that situation, you've got to brace your elbows or arms against something that doesn't breath and focus on an edge - a place where the camera can read the contrast between places. It will have an anchor, then, for the focus. But don't go nuts. It can get so messy -

Gabrielle said...

I love your little pouch! Thanks for the sweet comments on my terrarium :) isn't needlefelting fun? I (ok, my boyfriend) built a simple lightbox for taking photos of my projects. I would recommend buying a tripod and using a lightbox to solve all your photography issues. Nothing holds a camera more steady. It has made my photos 100% better than they used to be. I think we only spent 20 bucks building the lightbox, there are loads of tutorials for these online. PS: don't use the auto mode on your SLR! I find the auto presets on an SLR take worse photos than a cheap point and shoot. Your camera is meant for you to be the boss :)

bailey said...

awwwwww it's soo sweet :)