Monday, February 28, 2011

Hair Clip Holder

I'm forever looking for hair clips. Of course, they are all upstairs. That's where we take the hair style out at night, but we put the hair up downstairs in the mornings. Maybe this will help?

This comes from the book Sewing for Childrenthat I bought at Christmas. There are a few things here I want to make. I also made some fairy wings from there, but need to work on how the kids get them on. It's formulating in my mind.

Back to the clip holder. All the shapes are cut using Quickutz and the cuttlebug. I sewed the hanging ribbon to the batting inside the pot before I sewed the pot pieces together. That way, it will be a little stronger.

Did you see the skull ponytail holder? My new way of making clips, holders... covered buttons. fun.
Now I just need to make one for us. This is a birthday gift. I tell ya, my goal of making all presents this year is going to be the end of me. I need to make a stash. Is everyone born in the 1st few months of the year? lol

Thanks for looking,


momma rae said...

such a lovely gift! we seem to have a lot of february birthdays around here, too. ;)

anna said...

This is such a clever idea!

K said...

Yeah. Your stuff is cool.