Friday, May 30, 2008

Another day, another beach....

Well, more beach hopping in sunny, yet a little cool in the Algarve.
Loving it here. There are so many little beaches and places of interest just a few minutes from our house.
THe countryside reminds me so much of NFLD. I swear that Nfld, fell off Europe and went to Canada.

I finally warmed up yesterday. I've been wearing a sweater for days. We found a beach called Praia Branca. It was very small and private. Not the touristy kind we've found previously. There were many caravans and German campers there. I was a loser and didn't wear sunscreen, but I did wear my tankini top. OUCH. Yes, I hurt.

We went to the market in V. do Bispo this morning. Bought some stuff for supper. Tomorrow, we're going to the little restaurant in the village for BBQ chicken. THe owner himself cooks it outside. Looking forward to it. I'm getting a little fished out!

I finished my book, so now I'm a little restless. no creative stimulation, no creating, no blurfing. i wandered into a little shop in the square, and lo and behold.. they had crochet thread. So a bought a few balls and will experiment making some flowers for my cards. Look out friends, you may have an abundance of flowers to out on your cards if all goes well. lol

I tried to d/l some pics, but Blogger is giving me grief in that area. The kids have had enough playing in the park and everyone is hungry.
I'll try to get a trip here later...

Thanks ofr checking in..

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