Thursday, May 22, 2008

bday cupcakes

t i keep thinking today is Friday, then i freak, b/c I think "We're leaving tomrrow". THen I remember that it's only Thrusday and think, oh, I still have time to do this/that, so I can't use the excuse that we're leaving to not do it. lol

I'm making some thank you notes for the attendees and present givers to my party. This note die is from Cuttlebug, the sentiment is from the buck bin at Michael's in the US. Don't know if they have them here in Canada.

THe cupcakes were my birthday cake. They tasted as lovely as they looked and I thank my friend, Yvonne, for taking the trouble to go to a friend's house to make them. Her kitchen is being renovated.

Must go, kiddie pulling the leg..
Thanks for looking,

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