Sunday, June 1, 2008

more adventures in the Algarve

(apologies, Blogger is not letting me d/l pics here. Maybe it's the internet connection. when we get to Lisboa, I'll go crazy with pics. If you are my friend on facebook, check there... I think this is also a public link:

Yesterday, we went to another castle. Castles here are more like fortresses than living castles. This one was in Silves, a little north east of here, not far from Lagos and Portimao.

Located on top of the hill, there is a walled village below it. It took us a bit to find the castle. The streets are all , not quite cobbled as in England, but with limestone instead. Makes for treacherous walking for a 21 month old. I’m holding her hand or chasing after her more than I’d like to be. :}

The inside of the castle was all open with some new/contemporary like gardens and stone work with bricks. Totally threw it off. Then there was an area where they were excavating and you could see the base of the walls of the living quarters and the stone mill area. Henry thinks it was for making olive oil. I should have taken pictures, but wasn’t in the mood. (chasing wee ones on the very narrow wall/ walkway. YIKES!

Then we set out for some shopping. We went to one shopping mall in Lagos, but it was small and not what we were used to. So we headed for another, hoping for better luck. We promised the kids a new toy. Let me tell you, Lightning McQueen is not so big here. Neither are toy stores. What we did find was in a hypermarket, like a superstore. Most popular kids characters here is Calliou (called Rucca here) and Noddy. So I guess that covers the French and English tourists. :}
Oh yes, and a hair dryer. Brought mine from home, but the plug converter made it a whimp. Wondering why you haven’t seen pics of me? That’s why. lol

I did find some nice shoes in V. do Bispou. Only 32 eros and nice, quality leather. I wore them the whole day and not a problem anywhere.

We made it back in Raposiera in time for churrasco. I thought it would be a big deal, but we were the only ones there. It started to get a little lively by the time we left, so we were probably early. We had a whole BBQ chicken, platter of rice, salad, and French fries. Half a litre of wine, 2 drinks and 2 tarts for 20 euros!! We were so full!!

Today we are lazy. Packed a lunch for a picnic and will hit a beach. There were lots of rally cars parked in V. Bispo yesterday and we can hear them. So we’ll take a look and see what’s on the go with that.

I d/l some crocheted flowers, but can’t remember all the terminology for the stitches. Guess I’ll d/l that today. Figured out one flower though.

(Pascale, yes, I’ll take you up on the offer. I can’t send email thru my regular program, but can receive them. I can send thru facebook, but don’t get enough time)

Off to another beach today. And home for fish supper. Again. My daughter is a fish freak. Sitting on her daddy’s lap and pigging out on the stuff. He’s a proud papa.
The fishermen are on strike here so we’ll see how that effects the villages. They figure they will only be on strike until the money runs out and then will go back to fishing. Sad. Every morning, and afternoon, the fish trucks go around and honk their horns. Dh says it’s a small refrigerated truck.

Only 3 more days here and then off to the cities to visit some of DH’s family. Looking forward to seeing the other side of Portugal… Lisboa and Coimbra and his mom’s home , north of Coimbra. I also want to find some cork products. I’ve seen some pictures. Looks cool. It comes from the north, so I’ll wait till we get there.

Well, Henry is done putting the laundry out on the line, so we’re going to go exploring.

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