Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fly little Butterfly..

It's after midnight. It's official.. I'm going to Portugal today!! SHRIEKS OF DELIGHT!

There is much to do before then, but I'm sure the late departure will allow for us to get things done. We planned on this trip 3 years ago and here we are. Rented a house in the Algarve for 2 weeks with some trips to Lisboa and Coimbra and other day trips, the beach. We'll be sitting on the patio eating just caught sardines, going to the market, BBQ chicken, playing on the beach. All of this depends on the weather of course. It will be colder there on Sunday than it will be here. Hope that changes.

So I'll be using this site to update on our trip for family and friends, or anyone who wants to see some of the life there. You have been warned:} My Dh has already searched out a place to go online. I don't think we'll be able to go more than a few days without getting the shakes! lol

Now on to the card...
This was inspired by Becky Oehlers. She did a card of butterflies and had one of them flying away. Very calming.
THe card base looks like handmade paper. I bought them at Ikea a few christmases ago. THe envelpoe is the same, but has some embroidery on it. Pretty.
The black butterflies are punched from fabric paper using the Martha stewart punch. THe white paper I got from da bella store. It is embossed with velvet. yum.
THe sentiment is from Papertrey's Butterfly Wishes.

Yep, I think that's it. I may have a few photos in here you have not seen, so I may sneak a card or 2 in while I'm gone. I'm too tired to figure out how to delay posting on blogger.

See ya in a few days. Yippee!!

Thanks for looking,

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