Monday, May 26, 2008

We're here!!!!

We're here in Sunny Portugal in the Algarve.
I'm sitting under a chestnut tree using free wireless in the village square. We are currently in Vila do Bispo, a larger village than where we are staying- Raposeira.
Wow, the streets, laneways are small in the village. I've learned to just close my eyes around some corners. I have faith in Henry's driving abilities, but boy, it is tight.

I don't have any photos loaded today, as forgot to pack the cable for the camera. It's back at the house. I'll so it tomorrow.
(update: we found it, but the kids are getting restless and it's chilly now.)

Today. we went to Lagos. Definately a trendy tourist city. Many Brits here this time of year. Had a nice sardines and fish soup lunch in a cafe that was tucked away. We were the only tourist in there. Nice.
THen we went to a beach in Salema. Tine, but Raf got soaked. The water was cold. It reminded me of my times at the beach, growing up in Newfoundland. We would let the waves tease us until our feet got frozen, then let the waves get us further, until we were so numb, we couldn't feel a thing.

Anyhow, that's enough for now. We're outside and it's getting cold. Must go back to the house. more tomorrow

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bfine said...

Enjoy village life, glad to hear you all arrived well.
Have no one to talk to at 9am... B