Thursday, August 9, 2012

Of a Caterpillar and a Butterfly

I've set up my machine and made a few things in the past few days. One of the first things I made was this Caterpillar and Butterfly from Abby at WHile She Naps

And here is the butterfly.

 I like this toy because it has a little surprise.
The caterpillar is joined to the butterfly. One can go into the other!!! Brilliant.

 My daughter is turning 6 tomorrow, so I made it for her birthday. She learned about caterpillars and butterflies in Kindergarten last year and was very enchanted with the whole metamorphosis.
 The pattern called for sewing a pattern on the wings, but I had the pre embroidered fleece left over from a coat I made Neve a few years ago. It saved a bit of work for me. Lazy as I am. :}
 Not being able to stop there, I also ordered this chicken and egg.
 Hey! An egg with feet?
 Ooooo, she did it again! They tuck into each other. I love it. So does my boy. I hope the baby I send it to will like it also. I cheated a little here too. The feet were supposed to be fleece, but I had some trouble sewing such small shapes without stretching the feet out of shape. Instead, I used some wool felt. Much easier. See, lazy. :} And no, he's not dead, he's sleeping!
Go ahead, check out Abby's Blog. She has much wisdom to impart on softie sewing. And some very cute patterns too!


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